Aylyntranq Meeting Report

Kornelij Glas has a brilliantly humorous report about the meeting-demonstration organized by Aylyntranq Social-Political initiative yesterday (February 20, 2007).
Uzogh has also addressed the event by looking into the coverage of the event by A1plus which has claimed that (indirect quote from Uzogh’s post) […]”The correspondent of A1+ Company is currently there and in her words the square is overcrowded”[…] compares it with the reports by Kornelij Glas, who has reported about 700-1000 participants, 100 of whom were journalists.
Uzogh concludes, that he’d rather trust the fellow blogger then the full-blown media outlet – A1plus.

Artur Papyan

Journalist, blogger, digital security and media consultant


  1. Some photographs are at:
    As for the A1 Plus, I couldn’t believe it when I saw that news item.
    In fact, most of the discussion between myself and another journalist was simply about how few people were in Liberty Square.
    Couldn’t believe A1 Plus reporting that the place was overcrowded. Atrocious.
    When asked by one Diasporan how many people I thought was there I said 1,000. However, as I’m hopeless with guestimating crowds I’d put a top ceiling on that at 1,500.
    However, RFE/RL agree and say they think it was about 1,000.

  2. This is just not right – if A1plus really want to be seen as the fastest news from Armenia, and as the TV company wrongly deprived of broadcast time – the primary thing they should build on is objectivity.
    I mean – how can anyone belive a word A1plus says about opposition demonstrations after things like that?

  3. This shows once again why I don’t believe much of what A1plus reports. They often overdramatize or report things the way they wish things were, or simply leave things out if they do not conform to the way they see things. For example: they had a poll, asking whether the people would consider leaving Armenai (if I remember correctly). One of the possible replies was “No, because I am content with the my situation here.” When I tried clicking on it, I would get an error message repeatedly. All the other options (such as “yes, I see no future here”) were clickable. As for the demonstration, there were very few people there, as seen on several TV channels.

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