Armenia-Turkey Relations and the "Surrender" vs "Rational"policy of the RA

Armenia Blog disapproves of Armenia’s insistence to develop relations with Turkey without precondition (the blogger has explained more about his reasons in an earlier post) and evalutes Kocharian’s interview in France, where the president of RA expressed his readiness to reestablish relations with Turkey without preconditions and create an intergovernmental commission for discussing “most sensitive” issues [i.e. Armenian Genocide] as “surrender to Turkish demands”, saying the commission will only be for show.
Sassna Dzrer however seems to have taken a radically different view of Kocharians words, subtitling them as “the Rational” bit of news in last weeks Armenian foreign politics.  It is important to mention, that the bloggers are using different sources for their quotes, and Sassna Dzrer seems to have had accessed a fuller version of the interview, which has led him to different conclusions.
Interesting, how both bloggers quote the same sentence by Kocharian with such vastly different interpretations:

“That’s why we are ready to establish diplomatic relations with Turkey without conditions and to create an intergovernmental commission and to discuss all questions, even the most sensitive.” (via Armenpress)

By Artur Papyan

Journalist, blogger, digital security and media consultant

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