High TV Fees for Political Campaigning, David Harutyunyan, Oskanyan and Globalization, Envirnoment and Labour Exploitation

Armenia blog has a full range of topics today, including: High TV Advertisement Fees Angers Politicians, “An example that should be followed by others” – Russian-Armenian Businessmen Help Nagorno-Karabakh, Pollution in Yerevan, Labor Exploitation in Armenia.

In the post “David Haroutyunyan to Participate in Parliamentary ElectionsRhyne sounds apalled:
If he seems familiar, that’s because you’ve seen him before on Armenia’s Richest Men list. It really is a Who’s Who of corrupt businessmen and politicians.
As to the points made by the RA Foreign Minister on Armenia and Globalization, the position of Armenia Blog is clear:

“I’ve always maintained that Armenia needs to become part of the global village, so to speak.

Armenia should not yield to anti-globalization motions, since taking into account country‚Äôs size and abilities, it is quite out of sense, stated Armenian Foreign Minister Vartan Oskanian…
In his words, the little Armenia and the large Armenian Diaspora must use the chances given by globalization. If official Yerevan sensibly uses these opportunities, globalization can become a discovery for Armenia. If the country does not use the chances given by globalization, it can become a state that nobody pays attention to. (Panarmenian.Net)

True enough.”

Artur Papyan

Journalist, blogger, digital security and media consultant

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