Kornelij's Election Leaflet #1

Kornelij Glas has started his personal Election Leaflet – albeit a “personal and incomplete” one as he claims. Here’s a translation of what seems to be a nicely sorted account of all the main political developments in the country:

1. Opposition will most likely join forces – the matter will be finalized in the nearest times.
2. It is already clear, that the “Rule of Law” won’t join into coalition with the opposition parties. Artur Baghdasaryan says opposition should not unite into a single block as a matter of principle.
3. “Ramkavar-Liberal-Democrat” and Samvel Babayan’s “Dashinq” will run in coalition. Importantly, Babayan seems to be challenging Serge himself, by possibly running in the same cunstituency as Serge’s brother.
4. RA Minister of Justice David Harutyunyan finally made up his mind to run in the elecitons as par tof the Republican Party of Armenia. Strangely, right after the decision was made the SUV of his former Press-Secretary was subjected to an arson attack.
5.Aram Sarkisyan, the boss of “Republic”, went to Washington – for meetings.
6.A new trend is coming out – generals going to parliament. The Deputy-Minister of Defense, Artur Aghabekyan and the Commander of the Forth Corps of the Armenian Army, General Seiran Saroyan are both on their way to Parliament.
7. This time the elections will be very well represented and covered online. TI has opened a blog: Parliamentary Election Monitor, soon the Human Rights in Armenia and Internews will come up with similar initiatives on their own.

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By Artur Papyan

Journalist, blogger, digital security and media consultant

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