Azerbaijani Military: More Money, More Problems?

Yandunts has two articles (both first published in the Armenian Reporter) on the Azerbaijani Military, discussing the economy behind the Azerbaijani army, Azerbaijani presiden Ilham Aliyev’s promises that “his country’s military spending would soon surpass Armenia’s total state spending” and looking at possible problems in the Azerbaijani army, which the blogger claims are the result of “more money, more problems“:

[…]The Azerbaijani government has repeatedly threatened a new war against Armenians. In the last few years, its rhetoric has also been matched by growing military spending and some weapons acquisition. Armenians are taking notice. Armenia’s National Security Strategy identifies Azerbaijan as the most imminent external threat to the country’s security.[…]

[…]The purpose of spending over $2 billion in four years – other than Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev’s oft-stated desire to overtake Armenia’s total state spending – must be to improve the discipline, sense of purpose and fighting efficiency of the armed forces. Azerbaijani officials and sympathetic observers boast that such improvements have taken place.[…]

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    Emil Sanamyan - 12.03.2007

    Please note that this story as well as the one about opposition politicians’ visit to Washington were first published in the Armenian Reporter.

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    Observer - 12.03.2007

    Thanx for the hint – updated…

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