6 options for those offered an electoral bribe

From Rubywedge especially for those who are offered an electoral bribe of 5000 AMD (approx. $14 US), what would your reaction be:

  1. I’ll take it, why not? I don’t care who sits in the parliament – they’re all the same anyway. And I can always find a way of using those five thousands. All MPs buy their place in, don’t they? Some buy it with money, some with goods, and those who don’t have enough money, buy their place with promises.
  2. Get the F$$$ away you A$$$$$es! Because of people like you corruption abounds in this country. I won’t take money. And I won’t vote for anyone. I am a political virgin!
  3. I don’t care! I’m a hippie! I don’t need you money, and I won’t go to elections. So go serve your masters. Run from flat to flat, offer them money. You’ll run like that till you die, I’m sure. But if you get tired of it – come over, will smoke a joint. Although, you know what? …give me a couple of promotional booklets of your candidate. Ah, they are on glossy paper? Idiots, why couldn’t you publish it on regular paper? Glossy paper’s not good for anything – my ass hurts after wiping with it.
  4. 5000 ? Isn’t that too cheep for my vote? There the candidate Ass-yan from the party “Prosperous Cabbage” was offering 7000, plus promised to put a bench in the playground. OK, give me 8000, or give me 15,000 and me and my wife(husband) will both vote for you.
  5. (especially for Bekaisa) SKSEL A !!!
  6. Your own variant.
Artur Papyan

Journalist, blogger, digital security and media consultant

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  1. 5. Sksel a !!!!!!! :))

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