Sksela – OpenSpace

OpenSpaceThis new gathering of Sksela was called “OpenSpace”. About 40 young people were citing in a circle in front of the Komitas statue, the favorite location of Sksela events, and were discussing their future plans in the “open space”, for anyone to hear and join. In fact I spotted a lady who had no relation to the action joining in with a suggestion of her own after watching these strange young people sitting on grass for a while.
As to the topic of discussion – there really was a lot to discuss: Yerevan Municipality continuously rejects permission for Sksela to organize the “Rock for Freedom” concert. obviously they’re starting to take Sksela seriously. Furtunately, noone can stop a bunch of young people from peacefully sitting around wherever they like. So anyway, there’s more in the video.

PS: I have become a memeber of Sksela – so my materials regarding the movement can no longer be considered objective.


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