Opening of the historic Armenian Holy Cross Church on the island of Akhtamar

Ahousekeeper is frustrated by the proceedings around the opening of the historic Armenian Holy Cross Church on the island of Akhtamar, near Van in southeast Turkey, which was renovated by Turkey as an exercise in good will, an effort to show Turkey bears no ill will toward Armenians despite many political problems.
Both Ahousekeeper and Hyelog in an earlier article highlight cold reception received by the Armenian delegation. Hyelog writes:

And when the regional governor offered his remarks, his lack of a word of welcome to the Armenian Minister of Culture Gagik Gyurciyan and Turkey’s Armenian Mesrop Mutafyan, was lost on no one. And the fact that none from the Armenian delegation were asked to speak at the ceremony was bit of silence that rang in everyone’s ears.

Ahousekeeper speculates, that the silent participation of the Armenian delegation means, that the Armenian government is giving its silent permission to Turkey to “grab and exploit” the cultural heritage of Armenians, and provides links to two other bloggers, who have also commented on the issue: Gevork(en) and Freedom Fighter(am).

Artur Papyan

Journalist, blogger, digital security and media consultant