It's safe to kill Armenians

Following the reports earlier by Ahousekeeper and Echannel blogs about the murder of the Armenian citizen Ashot Tigranyan (30), living in Moscow, Ahousekeeper and Kevork reported today, that the killer of another Armenian: 19-year-old Artur Sardaryan has been acquitted:

Moscow court acquitted murderer of Armenian

30.05.2007 17:24 GMT+04:00


/PanARMENIAN.Net/ The Moscow circuit court has acquitted Roman Polusnyak, the murderer of 19-year-old Armenian Artur Sardaryan. The jury, with 10 against 2 votes, found the murderer not guilty despite the evidence of two witnesses, who identified him.

Artur Sardaryan was killed May 25, 2006 in a Moscow-Pushkino train near Klyazma station. Two skinheads assaulted him shouting “Long live Russia” and plunged a knife into his chest for some 6 times. About two dozens of passengers were nearby, two of them identified Roman Polusnyak, RFE/RL reports.



While Ahousekeeper is frustrated by the fact, that the killer of the Armenian is let loose, Uzogh has a couple of posts here and here about the murder of Levon Gulyan at one of the police departments, which police are claiming was a suicide, although there are reasonalbe doubts, that the murder was a result of beatings by the police officers. The blogger has republished an article by Aravot, commenting, that although it seems that police had reasons to suspect that Levon Gulyan was guilty of committing a crime, he is still highly resentful of numerous cases of beatings and violence in police departments in Armenia.

Artur Papyan

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