9/11: I am sorry – New York!

6 years ago today I had just returned from the US, feeling sorry, that I didn’t have time to visit New York and see its beautiful skyline. 6 years ago – this day, the world changed, and it will never be the same again. 6 years ago today terror struck America, terror struck the World, and I can’t see an end to it.
I am sorry – New York!
PS: post inspired by Unzipped
Photo by: http://www.heal911.com/

Artur Papyan

Journalist, blogger, digital security and media consultant


  1. I had forgot actually.
    Like to add my bit of word here. Still makes you sad when you think of it 🙁

  2. Speaking of 9/11, Uzogh is complaining, that fellow bloggers seem to pay so much attention to bombings and the lost lives of peaceful Americans, however, when it comes to terrorist acts in Iraq, as in the case of Qahtaniya bombings nobody seems to care about the peaceful Iraqis.

  3. To Uzogh: Because we’re all CIA agents and American spies! :))))) Is that what you wanted to say? 😉
    The truth is – we are all victims of the most powerful media in the world: the western media! And the westerm media, led by major American Media Corporations, was implementing a clear State order. And many of us, especially English speakers, fell victim of ready-made formulations and cliche’s.
    The second component of it is, however, rightly noted above by David_Sand, that 9/11 served as a signal about a change in the Global Political Paradigm, which resulted in all the following devastations in Afganistan and Iraq. 9/11 is thus a symbol – which is hard to neglect.

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