Cyberwar Chronicles: here we go again – Armenian sites under attack

Following the protest action against the destruction of Christian cemetery in Baku, Kornelij Glas, who was the first Armenian blogger to raise alarm, reports today, that an Azeri hacker has contacted him on ICQ and informed, that the mentioned hacker has broken into a number of Aremenian websites. The hacker has presented it this highly immoral and criminal act as revenge to the posts Kornelij Glas has published about the destruction of Christian cemetery in Baku in the following links: 1, 2, 3.
Following is a list, which the hostile hacker claims have been bloken into:

Update: after finding out the reasons of the attack Kornelij Glas has posted a YouTube video depicting the destruction of the Christian cemetery, to demonstrate to the Azeri hacker, that his efforts were pointless. has the following to add:

According to Kornelij an Azerbaijani hacker had hacked number of Armenian web sites as a response to the posts he wrote about the destruction of the cemetery. They haven’t learnt so far that trying to supress the truth hurts them (Turks) even more.

Artur Papyan

Journalist, blogger, digital security and media consultant


  1. Here’s the English version of the video posted by Kornelij, via Ahousekeeper:

  2. Those pictures on recently destroyed Christian cemeteries were essentially republished from Azeri site, and it seems strange and unconvincing to me why retaliation should be directed towards Armenian sites?

  3. From what I know of script-kiddies and wannabe-hackers, they don’t need a logical excuse to break into a site.

  4. […] Via The Armenian Observer, I discovered today that the Tufenkian Foundation’s new web site is online albeit still under construction and recently hacked by Azeris. However, this is more interesting for me because I spent a few days last year photographing some of their projects for the site and have wondered about its progress. […]

  5. Arthur, it wasn’t Kornelij who first ringed the bell this time, it was
    Also, he is the author of the videos posted on YouTube, please fix that.
    To be honest, if it wasn’t Gianluigi’s energy we wouldn’t achieve anything serious this time.

  6. Karen – thank you for the clarifications and for the link to blog – I find it very interesting and will start reading from now on.
    Also my big thanks to Gianluigie for all his energy and efforts – we need more people like that to make this world a better place

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