The Independence Restoration Day

Today is a beutiful day – the proud holiday for the Armenian nation. Today is the 16th anniversary of restoration of Armenia’s Independence, following the Soviet invasion of the 1st Republic.
Officially it is called the Independence Day – and I’m content with that definition as well. In fact – words don’t matter today – what matters, is the feeling, that I can’t live in any place and country, other than Armenia. What matters, is that I’m ready to live, and care, and fight, and work, and build my future in this country. What matters, is the feeling, that this is MINE!
 Happy Independence to you MY ARMENIA!

3 thoughts on “The Independence Restoration Day

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    artmika - 21.09.2007

    Your love for Armenia is true one. Happy Independence Day, ditord!

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    HayMtavorakan - 21.09.2007

    Patriotic passion is, of course, commendable, despite the truth that there’s no such a thing as national independence, and that all countries–smaller and mightier alike–are dependent and interdependent in this world. Another truth is that optimism and romanticism fade away with years, and we come to realize that our convictions change with life conditions, personal circumstances, and perceptions. And we grow more cosmopolitan, too: there is a multitude of good, progressive, attractive things in other countries that, regrettably, are non-existent in Armenia.

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    Observer - 21.09.2007

    Artmika – indeed I love this piece of land, its people, its customs and traditions (sometimes beautiful, sometimes idiotic). I observe it all the time, do my share of work to improve it as much as I can, I crticize it, only because I believe there’s room to improve it.
    HayMtavorakan – this is a relative world, and everythig is corelated, and so is this independence day – a day of relative independence. For me this day is simply a symbol – a day to feel good for my country… and so I’ll skip over the “regrettable” notes in your comment on this occasion, although generally I’m among the first to criticize.

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