Hegehog in The Office!

Driving home with a friend yesterday we found this little guy on the road. Yep, you’re right! It’s a hedgehog and it is undoubtedly and Armenian hedgehog – just look at the size of the nose if you don’t trust me. We decided then, that it would be a perfect gift for my son – but then it turned out the little guy is not much of a pet – you can’t really pet it, and its really shy. So now I’m thinking what to do with it, or rather – where to set it free. While I’m at it, the little one is enjoying my office…

12 thoughts on “Hegehog in The Office!

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    Gegham - 09.11.2007

    As I know you already have a snake in your office.

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    Observer - 09.11.2007

    yep! we’re a sadistic, pet-capturing and staring/photographing type of office :))))

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    Haik - 09.11.2007

    I would suggest to put it back where you found it. Of course not on the road but somewhere closer and safer. If it was there it is possible that there are more of them in that area. Hedgehogs are very sensitive animals. Also in NO circumstance give it a dairy product ( milk etc) . they love milk however they die afterwards are their organism cant digest diary products.

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    Observer - 09.11.2007

    Hayk – thank you for valuable advice!

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    artmika - 09.11.2007

    Ditord jan, et Vladimir Gasparyanic ek orinak vercrel? 🙂 impossibly cute (I mean hedgehog)

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    Observer - 09.11.2007

    I hope it won’t eat anybody bigger then a fly…

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    Katy - 11.11.2007

    Hedgehogs are important to Armenians. How else would kids learn the letter Ո?

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    Katy - 12.11.2007

    I asked my friend and he said if you get a terrarium (rectangle cage), they can be very good pets.

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    Rhyne - 12.11.2007

    How cute!

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    Observer - 12.11.2007

    Katy – you’re full of surprise! I didn’t know you can write Armenian! And by the way – I’ve let the hedgehog free – built a little place for him in my backyard (I have about 600 sq/m of gardening area), put some water, tried hard to make it look comfortable and let it stay there. It escaped next day – but this morning I noticed, that the little Ոզնի has come back and is sleeping there – may be he liked the quality of construction or something? 🙂

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    Katy - 12.11.2007

    Ոզնի is my favorite Armenian animal, except for բու. I even named the owl that lives outside my office Mr. Boo.
    My Armenian used to be a lot better, but now I have 4 months TO REALLY GET BACK! I have a new tutor who is very hard with me (which is good!).

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    Katy - 12.11.2007

    PS, we need photos of his new home!

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