59 People charged for "organizing mass disorder"

The RA special investigating body has issued information, according to which as a result of mass violence on March 1, 180 police officers and military servicemen have received variuos degrees of phisical injuries. According to the official data, phisical injuries of also 48 citizens have been confirmed so far. From what I remember, many people avoided going to hospitals, fearing, that they would be seized by the police, hence, such a low number of injuries among civilians being reported. According to official information, at the moment 59 people have been charged for “organizing mass disorder”.

Of the 4 MPs, who were charged with the offence of “organizing mass disorder”, 2 have been detained: Myasnik Malkhasyan and Hakob Hakobyan (Lady Hakob), while the two others: Khachatur Suqiasyan (Grzo) and Sasun Mikayelyan, are wanted. Bekaisa also reported, that Alexandr Arzumnayan, head of Levon Ter-Petrossian’s electoral team has been detained. With the constitution court rulling on March 8th effectively ending the electoral process in Armenia, the presidential candidate Levon Ter-Petrossian has also lost the immunity granted by his status as a presidential candidate and can be detained any moment. It is true, that as a former president, Ter-Petrossian has certain privilages too, however, according to article 56.1 of the RA Constitution:

The President of the Republic shall be immune.
The President of the Republic may not be prosecuted or held liable for actions arising from his/her status during and after his/her term of office.
The President of the Republic may be prosecuted for the actions not connected with his or her status after the expiration of his/her term of office.

So, as we can see, arrests and political persecutions continue. I’m sure, in some cases, the law enforcement bodies are quite right to do so – and I’m sure, that arresting most of the “yerkrapahs” is probably justified. However, as of now, no generals, commanders, police or servicemen seem to have been charged with illegal activities for their actions on March 1-2, nor has any high ranking official stepped down for incompetent handling of the rioters, which resulted in 8 deaths and around 200 seriously injured people. Well, what did we expect from a police state, which Armenia is turning into, anyway?

Artur Papyan

Journalist, blogger, digital security and media consultant


  1. via Uzogh I just found out, that Ararat Zurabyan has also been arrested: http://uzogh.livejournal.com/168188.html

  2. Criminals who still haven’t been arrested:
    Levon Ter Petrosyan
    Nikol Pashinian
    Aram Sargsyan
    Sasoon Michaelian
    Khachatur Sukyassian
    Lyudmilla Sargsyan
    May their day come soon! Haxteloo e hayrenaser Hayasdane!

  3. Morons who still post comments in this blog:

  4. Hahaha good try obviously the last comment is from an imposter. After the arrest of the 6 criminals Armenia will finally be free of the dirty and guilty HHSh.
    Haxteloo enk! hihihi

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    Haxteloo e hayrenaser Hayasdane!

  6. i would like to add to the list: Robert Kocharian, Serzh Sarkisian, dodi gago and co, police officers who attacked protestors, Joseph Penington, and Mathew Bryza.
    The armenian authorities for being undemocratic, corrupt, and negligent of their population, which is by and large not feeling the “economic boom of downtown yerevan.”
    the Mafiosos b/c an example needs to be set of them.
    The US officials for trying to destabilize armenia and tarnish its reputation in the international arena by introducing, funding, supporting and publicizing LTP. This is yet another excercise in realpolitik and regime change by the US state department.
    LTP, Serzh, Kocharian,Head hancho mafiosos and inner circle of LTP supporters should be sent to the gulags!
    Arten Hamo Hoteetz Hanel en es esheru!

    You Armenians are giving me headache, don’t you get it . Genocide after Genocide , a failed country , criminal bandits that run as you leaders , failed election after election. You are surrounded by millions of Muslims ready to kill you …. ……. I Made a mistake why don’t you just perish ???

  8. anonymous,
    Robert Kocharian is the elected President of Armenia
    Serge Sargsan is the elected prsident of Armenia
    Levon Ter Petrosyan was the elected and RESIGNED president of Armenia.
    Social justice must prevail in Armenia. Serge has learnt his lesson: When you ignore people’s conditions they embrace the first devil that promises them more. He will do much better thn Kocharian.
    Levon is a common criminal as of yesterday. No immunity= jail is waiting.

  9. Forgot to say:
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    Funnily I don’t hear “Baykar Baykar minchev verch>>>” What’s the matter?

  10. For every one comment of mine there is another one by an imposter. But I think it’s very easy to tell which one is which.
    The countdown for the 6 abovementioned criminals has started.

  11. Because of this imposter, I am losing my patience, my head hearts.
    Can I start the coundown now?
    6 .. 5 .. 4 .. 3 .. 2 .. 1 Hooray! Haxtetsink
    Welcome to the New Armenia!

  12. Mord qunem hayrenaser bozi txa. Erb vor es mardaspanner@ qo @ntaniq@ depd ksatkacnen, en vaxt khrchves isk hima dzend ktri u siktird qashi stexic.

  13. Hayrenaser qunix jan,
    Terrorism-ov zpaghvoghnereen lav a satkatsnen. Hayasdan-i joghovoord-i 99% ayd terrorismov chi zpaghvoom. Hima yete du es zpaghvoom tatik-t a zpaghvoom, Levonna zpaghvoom , da urish harc.Lavagooyne dsez hamar klini bant-e, isk yete sxalmamb kyulletseen…halal a …inch a exel?

  14. Yes…Welcome to the new Armenia…Where heads are broken and people are governed by intimidation…Where no one has any confidence that their government is actually concerned about their plight. Where a handful of connected people to Serzh and Robo are reaping the profits while the villagers are living hand to mouth. Yes…welcome to the new Armenia born out of the ashes of Soviet dictatorship where citizens dare not dissent or voice their dissatifaction. Where tanks roam the streets and the press is gagged.
    And welcome to the new president..who won a rigged election and who now is strecthing out his hand to the common people. How touching a gesture… A president who had to wait for the people to take to the streets and say “Enough, already!!!!”
    Yes…this is the new Armenia that I’m sure will confidently step boldly into the 21st century… An Armenia founded on principles and ideals that our forefathers fought and died for…. An Armenia in which we don’t settle for less than what we deserve…

  15. Welcome to the new Armenia: Free of the plague caused by Levon and his mafia. Free of treason and terrorism against the state. Welcome to the Armenia when an Armenian is an Armenian no matter if he’s Karabaghtsee,yerevantsee,Aparantsee,Lennakantsee or returning Spyurkahye.
    Welcome to an Armenia where elections were praised by EU as complying with international standards (unlike in 1996) and when Serge Sargsyan, one the heroes of Karabagh who dedicated his life to building the Armenian Army, became President and has already started the reconcilliation process.
    Welcome to the Armenia free of certified psychopaths (Nikol Pashinian). free of nightmare Yerkrapah’s (soon to be dissolved_ free of Zionist-fascist pigs (Levon) free of corrupt oligarchs (Sukyassian)
    Welcome to the Armenia where everyone is free to express their opinion as long as that opinion doesn’t translate to violence looting and killing.
    I trust in the future of my country. No filthy ramik will convince me otherwise.
    Haxteloo e … joghovoort-e ir nor naxagahi glxavorootyamb

  16. Serjik-@ joxovrdi naxagah@ chi ail ir mi qani xujanneri naxagahn a voronq jamanakavor chnshel en joxovrdin. Isk joxovurd@ iroq khaxti, du el karas Serjin bant peredacha tanes. Banak@ Vazgenn u iranman shat iskakan hairenaser mardik en karucel, ankaxutiunn el Levonn u ira nman nvirvac mardik en dzerq berel. Menq enq dzerq berel! Serjin u Robikn el drakan der en unecel, sxal a uranal. Baic verchin tas tarum enqan hancanq en gorcel vor iranc heros asoxi kam xelq@ tex@ chi kam el baroiakanutiun@. I michi ailoc asem vor Robik@ mi urish tesaki bozi txa a, eli lav a vor amen depqum inq@ siktirvum a, chnaiac shat a uzum mna mi qich el ariun cci.

  17. Mi ban el asem, es orerin voch mek dra masin chi xosum baic im karciqov amenakarginn iranc pahecin Raffi Hovhannisyan@ u ira kusakcutian bolor andamner@. Mius @ntrutiunnerum hastat iranc em dzain talu. Ekeq nranc shnorhakalutiun haitnenq amen inchi hamar vor arecin sksac joxovrdi koxqin kangneluc verchacrac vostikani kianq@ sepakan kianq@ vtangelov prkelun. Halal a dzer nman skzbunqain, xelaci u baroiakan mardkanc.

  18. Tiko lav tgha es, iskabes em asoom.
    Sakayn Serge-e Hayasdani entrvads naxagahn a, isk Levon-e shat hasarak kriminal (isk minchev September 21, 2007 hargeli andsnavorutyun yev Hayasdani arachi naxagah)

  19. Hayrenaser, vor objective es sksum xosel, shat lav a. Baic amot a, minchev verch azniv exir qo het. Levon@ aisqan jamanak miak irakanum @ntrvac naxagahn a. Naev asem vor inq@ miajn mi angam a @ntrvel, chem kara vichem. 91 tvic heto mer mot @ntrutiun chi exel u inqn el dra mech mexq uni. Baic vor Robon mard a spanum isk du asum es ari Levonin dra hamar kaxenq, ai da chexav. Ari Levonin 95-i u 96-i hamar qnnadatenq baic naev arjanin matucenq ira bolor drakan qaileri hamar. Robn u Serjik@ Xarabaxi paiqarum mec nerdrum unen, baic da chi nshanakum vor petq a kpnen naxagahi pashtonin u pok chgan. Pokvelu vtang linelu depqum el mard spanen. Et 8 hogin Robiki vra a inch uzum es asa. Serjiki masin chgitem, der kaskacner unem. Indz tvum a Robik@ es kazmakerpec vor Serjikin tulacni u inq@ mna #1. Baic et iranc xndirn a, es qez uzum em asem vor du shat-shat sxal es vor shat mardkanc hancagorc es anvanum. Orinak Alik Arzumanyan@ hancagorc chi. Isk ete miusneri anunner@ talis es uremn bari exi dranc koxqin mnacacin el sharel. Ete asum es grzo, inchi ches hishum liovikin, nemecin, lfikin, dodin, caxik ruboin u mnacacin vor ete uzum es imanas ham iranc krtutiamb ham iranc hatkutiunnerov shat u shat grzoic het en (es chem asum te grzon hreshtak a). Ete asum es miasnik malxasyan apa xi ches asum antiv anhamar stic “fidai”-neri anunner@ (iskakan fidaineri masin chi xosq@ u iranc bolors partakan enq). Gone gnahati et mardkanc qadjutiun@ vor esorva repressianeri mtnolortum qadjutiun unecan iranc tesaket@ artahaitelu ankax te aid tesaketin du anzamb hamadzain es te che. Te qez aveli dur en galis en vor mtnoxner@ vor Robon inch asi dzen chen hani ete daje iranc knkan demner@ brnabari mi hat cptun ches lsi irancic. Asum es Jhangiryan (inqn el shat qaqer a kerel), ba axvan hovsepyan@ et erb achqid luis@ darav. Et dra tak@ inchqan pores, qaqic baci ban durs chi ga. Mi qich azniv exir inqd qo het u mi uraxacir erb im nshac takanqner@ joxovrdin xexchacrel en. ltp-in, grzo-in, miasnikin u jhangiryanin xexchacnum en tox xexchacnen, etqan hogs chi. Baic vor mez en uzum xexchacnel, et arden iranc mamai vorn enq mrmracnelu.

  20. To Hayrenaser
    People you do not see that this HAYRENASER is one of Robik’s illegal sons, like all Republican party, the Haylur staff and etc.
    This hayrenaser is not only bozi txa, but also some kind of traitor.
    Do not pay attention to this asshole hayrenaser. He is stupid and helpless.

  21. Tiko,
    Hayasdan-i ghekavarneri (naxkin yev ayjm) kazmoom chka mek-e vor goghutyun chi arel. Mek-e aveli shat mouys-e aveli bakas. Isk ghekavarman ays anbujeli system-e ov himnec? Ko pashtac himnadir naxagah Levon Ter Petrosyan-e. Ink-e meds meds shans uner ankaxootioonic sksyal Hayasdan-i gone political system-e darcnel Baltic hanrapetyunneri nman, sakayn chuzec. Isk Robert Kocharian-e sharunakec (shat el ban cher mnum nran). Yerb yerkir-e himnes ayd system-i vra, miayn mek tsev ka poxeloo: orenk-i diktatura. Bayc ed ov kndunee?
    Hima ayd system-i himnadir-e yekel a asoom a inc tvek yes shtkem. Isk nra shrchapat-e nayoom es tesnoom es es 10 tarva @ntatskoom sovac gayleri voronk patrast en hapshdakootyan, amen srikayootian.
    Txrahrchak Alik Arzumanian-i masin petk harcnes Amerikahyeri yev Canadahyeri.Yerb ink desbanort er inch inch kasharaklerootyoon-ner u xaytarakootyunner a a arel uxaki zzvecnelov mardkanc.
    Im matnanshac mardik Hayasdani petakanootyoon-e uzecin qandel yev petk e patasxan tan orenk-i archev. Lfik-e,Nemec-e tsaghik-e muys zipilnern el patasxan en taloo sakayn amen inch ir jamanak-ov. Ays ameni vra miak miak anz-e vor control karogh a unena,kshtambi nranc, hark-ere moodsel ta, aysorva vichakov, Serge Sargsyanne. Yes tarper mek-e chem tesnoom.
    Isk te inchu Levon-e es yerkir-e qandeloo a? shat parz. Du tesar te yerekva hreshnere nran hamar mek orva @ntatskoom darnoom eyin hreshtak miayn ayn patjarov vor “nrank ir koxkin en” (Jhankirian,Krzo, General Manvel) yete sharoonakver asenk mi or el Lfik Samo yevayln. Isk joghovoord-e zap er talis. Mi gisherva metch mard-e pokhvec darcav hreshtak. Ays e Nor Hayasdan-e. Voch. Ays sovacneri yev aveli hapshtakootyan ooghi-n a.
    Hye-e ir yerkri mech hpart petk e lini,havasar lini, hangist apree. Gone Serge-e ir yelooytneroom krknoom er nooyn-e (minch urishner xosoom jartel-pshrel). Vorosh kaskacnerov, sakayn yes havatoom em nran. Isk Levon-e parz kriminal anarak tgha e.
    Nra bantarkootyoon-e oreri harc e.
    Urax em vor anardarootyan dem patrast es boghokeloo. Boghokee. Sakayn voch ko qaghaq-e kandelov, Hye-in atelov.

  22. Hayrenaser,
    shat sxal es du. Asum es te nemecin,…, un mnacacin Serj@ kara chnshi. Vonc kara chnshi ete iranc mijocov a ishxanutian ekel u joxovrdi koxmic voch mi ajakcutiun chuni? Heto mec popoxutiunner anelu hamar mec uxex a petq unenal isk Serji uxex@ haziv heriqum a criminal makardaki mardkanc management anelov. 8 tari pshtpanutian naxarar a, et inch barepoxumner a arel vor hima el es iran vstahem te erkrum el barepoxumner kani? Anvtangutian naxarar a ashxatel u chi karacel erkri varchapeti, Parliament-i speakeri u deputatneri anvtangutiun@ apahovi (asenq te himqer chunenq pndelu te inqn a kazmakerpel vor arguments alurj chlini). Hima es iran vonc vstahem amboxch erkri anvtangutiun@. Ira harazat axpor nman goroz u takanq mard qich kareli a handipel. Hima ete inqn ira axpor@ chi karum kargi hraviri, es vonc vstahem te mnacac xujannerin kara kargi hraviri. Et mard@ ira presidentutian hamar artasahmani ajakcutiun stanalu hamar asum a te petq a chanachenq azerbajani taracqain amboxchakanutiun@. Et mard@ tgitutian u anmakardakutian patcharov LA-um interview a talis u asum te menq aistex paiqarum enq muslimneri dem (lav a Ahmajinejad@ zbaxvac a exel chi lsel) u Arcaxi harcn el kronakan harc a. Es et mardun vonc mstahem im erkri artaqin qaxaqakanutiun@. Es sranc naelov a petq mardu potenciali u mtadrutiunneri masin karciq kazmel voch te nax@ntrakan bukletner@ kardalov, te che kareli er Tigran Karapetichin el president @nterl, inqn el a lav baner grum kam asum:) Du inqd es asum vor qocharyan@ i vichaki cher qandel exac system@ u “stipvac” nuinn arec 10 tari u aveli xoracrec anardarutiunner@. Inchov a serj@ qocharyaninc tarbervum vor inq@ petq a karana qandi (isk es naev xist kaskacum em vor uzum a qandi). Systemi himq dnoxic voch mek aveli ardiunavet chi kara qandi. Gracicd haskaca vor spiurqahai es u erevi ruseren chhaskanas baic iranq mi lav ban en asum: “ya tebia porodil, ya tebia i ubiu”. Et menak systemin chi verbervum, et naev verabervum a et erku mijakutiunnerin voronq iranc chgitem inchi tex en drel.
    P.S. Grel es Levoni koxqi sovacner@. Et grzon er sovac, manvel@ te jhangiryan@. Karox a ledi hakob@. Henc kak raz iranq sovac chen. Baic sovac en shat u shat normal mardik ovqer Levonin an ajakcum u ovqer naxkinum lav el pashtonner en unecel. U iranc esorva voch harust linel@ apacucum a iranc ankashar linel@. Heto krknem vor haitni demqern indz chen hetaqrqrum iranc gorcac mec u poqr hancanqnerov u iranc katarac mec u poqr drakan gorcerov. Indz hetaqrqrum a im nman sovorakan mardkanc michak@ u mtacac@ u es mardik serjikin chen uzum. Menq dran chenq vstahum u atum enq.
    Isk qaxaqn el voch voq chi uzum qandel, voch el petutiunn enq uzum qandel. Menq uzum enq QANDEL AIN HAMAKARG@ VOR HANC INQ@ QANDUM A MER NORMAL ERKIR@. Kuzenai vor qandelu anhrajeshtutiun chliner ail uxxaki iranq heranan, baic vonc vor te chen uzum. Mez el urish tarberak chi mnam. Ho erkir@ iranc chenq talu!

  23. Tiko,
    Lav asenk qandecik hamakarg-e (Astvac mi arasce). Isk nor hamakarg-e ov piti karootsee? : Nikol Pashinian-e? Krzon? Jhankirian-e te Zurabyan Ararat-e? Isk varchapet Aram Sargsyan HASTAT karuceloo a hianali yerkir. Yev du inc xosk es talis te ays amen-e voch mi kopek piti chgoghanan.
    Isk yete goghanan, kspases mi 10 tari yev yerb srank steghcen nor corrupt hamakarg es angam Kocharian-i, Serge-i ognootyamb kqandes krkin, nor-e shineloo. yev aysbes anverch.
    Levon-i mardoc voch harust linel-e chi apacucum nranc ankashar linel-e kam arjani linele. Parzapes nrank durs eyin xaghic es verchin 9-10 tareen. Isk hima el sovac en patrast en goxanaloo, yev ayd patjarov yete 8 zoh unecel en te 80 nuynn a karevor-e iranc jeb-ere poghov lecnen.
    Yes qez vstahecnum em Levon-e qez nman sovorakan mardkanc vijak-e chi barelaveloo. Ink shat shat heroo a et anelooc.
    Ays vijakic durs yellel-e qandelov chi. Bnav! BAREPOXELOV a . Kandel-e voch mi lav ban chi berel voreve yerkri hamar . CCCP-n qandecin meds uraxutyamp. ed el korupt hamakarg er. Ardyunk-e inch er?
    LA Times interview -i massin aytn banere vor asoom es sxal information e. Ink-e asel a karj u ktrook Mezme Arevelq qristonya azg goyootioon chuni”. Yev SHAT lav e asel. Yete ad mi qich artnacrec Republican-Evangelical Amerikatsinerin vor shat ban en voroshom Amerikayoom, hianali!

  24. Is the irony lost on you? When the cryfest starts in a week or two leading up to April 24, will you and H1 concede that Hunchaks and Dashnaks were really asking for trouble? The battle cry back then probably sounded a lot like Hayrenaser’s: “…Armenia will finally be free of the dirty and guilty HHSh.”
    Kill them all Hayrenaser! Kill everyone who questions the Leader. And can you believe that there were actual tatiks in the crowd? Like you said Hayrenaser – the the fuking gulag with them. Ungrateful —. Don’t they know the economy has been GROWING! Can’t they see?!

  25. tm,
    There is absolutely no need to kill (killing is Levon’s tactic).There are 5 more people on the above list to be arrested (let’s forgive the two bitches Lyudmila Sargsyan and Shogher Matevosyan because menopause could have caused their attitude).
    But Aram,Levon, Nikol,Khachatur and Sasun, have to end up in jail, that way the Armenian people will know who the traitors are.
    In one or two months all this will be a distant memory. LTP discredited,in jail and forgotten about, his team paralyzed, and no chance for regrouping.They should not get less than 3 years in Nuparashen.

  26. tm,
    If you are immoral and psychotic enough to compare our holy Genocide and the arrest of bandits who endanger the existence of Armenia, then you need another person’s help.Ask Levon papa for some heroin or cocaine , I’m sure he still has supplies he didn’t use.
    But his dancing and moonwalking is still great!

  27. yawn…

  28. Sasoon Michaelian has been arrrested! Four more criminals to go!! Levon, Nikol, Krzo, Aram.

  29. Hayrenaser – thanks for the update, but don’t go so far as naming people criminals, before the court decides that.

  30. Observer,
    They are criminals.Traitors and criminals.

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