Opposition takes long-awaited decisive steps

Opposition supporters call for sitting protests

The leader of Armenia’s largest opposition group Armenian National Congress Levon Ter-Petrossian announced the start of one-week long non-stop rallies today,  in a long awaited decisive move, following days of speculation as to what exactly the opposition will do when they see that the authorities have no intention of returning to dialogue. Continue reading


STRATFOR: Egypt Effect ‘impossible’ in Armenia

Opposition rally in the Freedom Square, Yerevan, 2008

Opposition rally in the Freedom Square © Photo by Artur Papyan, Yerevan, 21Feb2008

As protests continue in Egypt, there has been much speculation that similar developments could occur in the former Soviet Union.

STRATFOR, a reputable geopolitical analytical think-tank, says this is unlikely, as there are too many differences — both cultural and political — between Egypt and the former Soviet states. However, factors unrelated to the Egypt unrest have created risks for instability in several other former Soviet countries. Continue reading