Official Wanted List: More arrests, others at large

According to the Armenian Police Press Service, members of parliament Khachatur Sukiasyan and Sasun Mikaelyan, as well as editor-in-chief of the opposition Haykakan Zhamanak newspaper Nikol Pashinyan are officially on the police wanted list.
All are at large on charges stemming from their alleged roles in civil unrest and violence of March 1.
Meanwhile, Levon Ter-Petrosyan’s campaign manager and former foreign minister Alexander Arzumanyan and chairman of the board of the former ruling Armenian Pan-National Movement Ararat Zurabyan were detained by the National Security Service on Monday. Both are suspected under Article 300 of the Criminal Code (usurpation of state power).


Artur Papyan

Journalist, blogger, digital security and media consultant


  1. 1992 (LA riots).

  2. April 19, 1993 (Waco Texas)

  3. Animals remaining to be arrested and rot in jail:
    Nikol,Levon,Khachatur,Aram Sargsyan

  4. those who need to be arrested and jailed are kocharyan, sargsyan
    their fate should be the same as all brutal dictators execution
    and … hayrenaser u r the only animal for your vulgar comment

  5. Vartan,
    LTP lies of the past six months just won’t work anymore.
    Serge Sargsyan is the elected president of Armenia.
    Levon Ter Petrosyan is a lkti lakot srika criminal. He should and will be jailed. And after what he did on March 1 , one azeri dead or alive is worthier than 2 Nikol Pashinians dead or alive, as far as I’m concerned. Their end is near. Serge is moving very intelligently on this. Hazar parq nran.

  6. Hayrenaser, I envy your stubbornness to repeat things over and over. I don’t like your ideas and posts but I like your drive.

  7. Nazarian,
    I totally disagree but also admire your belief in your cause. My drive comes from reading too much Haykakan Jamanak and a1plusnews and Chorrord Ishxanutyun in the last years. Also in the last 14 years , being absolutely convinced that Levon Ter Petrosyan hates Armenia and the Armenian nation more than any fascist-nationalist Turk.
    That’s why I believe that putting Levon and Nikol in jail for the murder of 8 innocent Armenians is tantamount to important events in recent Armenian history such as, the liberation of Karabagh, the independence of Armenia etc. Nranc “asdeghayin jam-e mot a.

  8. Hayrenaser,
    Du kez varetsir.
    Where did you learn to speak Hayastantsi dialect, in LA? I know you are not “bnik hayastantsi” and pobably married to hayastantsi.
    RRad eghi gna vordeghits vor pakhel es (Beirut).
    But you keep blogging and soon I will figure out who you really are.
    Armenian people dont need lizzard like you dont come to Armenia.

  9. Real-hayrenaser kochecyal,
    this proves once more that levon-supporters are the most undemocratic, racist, intolerant liars who want to kidnap the Armenian statehood under the guise of so-called democracy. It’s good that it took only a couple of hours to crush you so easily by the heroic Armenian police and heroic Armenian Army which had to fight both the internal and the external enemy in a matter of days.
    I have news for you Real-srika: you are not worth the nail of any Hayrenaser Karabaghtsee,Beirutahye, Aparantsee, Siryahay, Javakhahay or any any Hay who loves his homeland. Nobody “owns” the homeland. Only the Hayrenaser Hye owns it and that doesn’t include Levon Srika and his dogs. I am very very much bnik Hayastantsee and every Armenian who cares about Hayasdan is a brother and a sister. Communist days are over, axpar days are over. ANY Armenian has the same or more rights than you do. But your Levonakan zzvelee animals deserve only to be shan-satak in the middle of Yerevan.Either that, or rot in Nuparashen like Levon and Nikol will soon be. I will not rest until that glorious moment in Armenian history
    Hazar parq Robert Kocharyan-in vor ir naxagahutyan verchin oreroon kachutyun-e unetsav Hayasdan-i dem medsaguyn davadrooyoon-e jzmel yev kazmakerpichnerin minchev Baku vrntel. Iskabes hazar park!

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