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  1. What a pathetic display of bravado by the out-going President. I could only laugh when he categorically stated that in Germany one would be sentenced to 5 years in jail for calling on the police to join the demonstrators. The absurd depths that he and his regime will stoop to in order to intimidate and sow fear in the minds of the populace merely serve to prove what an anti-democrat he really is. The same goes for FM Oskanian who brazenly declared that ‘Armenia now faces a dilemma – either democracy or stability’. Truly, our long-suffering people deserve better and must be prepared to wage a longterm struggle to put this nation of ours back on track!!!

  2. Ramik Ramik minchev verj!!!

  3. Hey all you lovers of the regime,
    Kocharyan says there’s no need for an independent commission to investigate how 8 people died on the night of March 1st , this despite the fact the government still claims that it used no firearms. Oh sorry, first they claimed they didn’t fire on the protestors, then they stated that perhaps they did, but only on the looters, and now the President Kocharyan, in yesterday’s interview, that police in Armenia have the authority to shoot anyone they please.
    The Hrant Dink murder trial in Turkey is more transparent and credible than the travesty now occurring in Armenia.
    And who are the real traitors now???

  4. Not very compelling, Ramik. It is not about being a “lover of the regime.” It is about 1) identifying a movement with discredited leadership that is doomed to lead people to disillusionment (surprised, anyone, that LTP is leading Armenians to be disillusioned?) and 2) respecting whatever poor and underdeveloped institutions exist.
    You can’t have it both ways. If you have no respect for the process (courts, elections, civic process) then you can shout a call-to-arms and attempt to initiate a civil war. If that is the case, I am confident (and thankful) very few with follow Lady Hakob, LTP, Manvel and others to fight against the Armenian Army.
    If instead you wish to accelerate the instilling of democracy in Armenia, that is a long a tedious road that requires more staying power and less naivete on the part of all involved. I think everyone is happy to join that struggle whether they see in the the authorities perfection or love, or whether they do not.
    As far as the civil war, pls start that one without me.

  5. As usual, you skirt around the question raised!!!
    Let’s call in the investigators from Ankara…they seem to have a better understanding of what an independent judiciary and criminal investigation is all about!!

  6. I think your last sentence speaks for itself.

  7. AH, you didn’t get the joke, did ya :)?

  8. Nazarian, I wouldn’t necessarily assume that a joke was intended. 😉

  9. Let’s call in the investigators from Ankara…they seem to have a better understanding of what an independent judiciary and criminal investigation is all about!!

    Wouldn’t LTP wish that? That is precisely why we do not need outside intermingling. Because every time you do that you give outsiders a free pass to promote their hidden agendas or their “national interests”.

  10. Mike, it’s a sarcasm – no need to get so excited.

  11. Sadly it’s reality…not scarcasm.

  12. See what I mean, Nazarian?

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