State of emergency over in Armenia

In the Press Conference held on March 20, 2008 – President of Armenia Robert Kocharyan announced, that no violations of the State of Emergency have been recorded in the past 20 day period, hence, it will be terminated on March 21st, as initially planned.

Kocharian Interview a Powerful Blow to Ter-Petrossian’s Authority

Robert Kocharyan, RA President, Photo from WikipediaThe interview of the President of Armenia Robert Kocharian with journalists from leading Armenian TV companies – Public TV, H2, Shant, Armenia was broadcast today – which was a major blow to the Presidential candidate, First President of Armenia Levon Ter-Petrossian’s authority with only two days to go before the Armenian voters head to the polling stations.
Speaking of the recent allegations by Ter-Petrossian, according to which Kocharian, Sargsyan and Oskanian have attempted to put into circulation a Karabakh resolution plan, which intended to give up Southern Armenian region of Meghry in exchange for Karabakh independence, Kocharian effectively denied all charges brought against him and Serzh Sargsyan by the First President, noting, that Meghry has a highly strategical importance for Armenia, as an access to the Iranian border, and reminding, that the gas pipelines built through Meghri, as well as government plans to build a hydropower station and oil refinary come as additional proof to his argument, that such a plan has never been officially discussed by the Official Yerevan, who have instead always worked towards strengthening the importance of Meghri region for the country. Continue reading “Kocharian Interview a Powerful Blow to Ter-Petrossian’s Authority”

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