Blog Roundup: The sad tale of robberies, bribe and blasphemy

Armenian bloggers reported terrible stories of robberies, bribe and blasphemy last week. Among some of the noteworthy posts were Nazarian’s post about shutting down the “Parisian cafe” on Abovyan street, Alefalef‘s discovery, that Beeline is double charging for March and April – thus, technically, robbing its customers, and Athanatoi‘s report, about continuous Georgian attempts to convert Armenian churches in Georgia into “old Georgian’ churches, and the recent case with Surb Norashen Church in Tbilisi – wherby Georgians were planting old Georgian tombstones in the yard of the Church and erasing Armenian inscriptions, changing them for Georgian ones – all of this with photographic evidence.
The full text in Armenian is here, and the 5 minute podcast, also featuring an interview with LiveJournal blogger Akunamatata_ser is here.

Artur Papyan

Journalist, blogger, digital security and media consultant

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