Podcast: Obama inauguration and tech news

PodcastThe 35th episode of “The Armenian blogosphere” podcast – a first for this year is now available for download as an mp3 file from here or listening online by clicking the player icon below.
We have been experimenting with a new format for the podcast and this issue also features technology news. I’ll appreciate comments and suggestions.
This 5 minute podcast is produced by Internews Armenia. The program was made by Lusine Grigoryan, Gegham Vardanyan, Armen Sargsyan, Artur Papyan. The radio version of the podcast is broadcast throughout the territory of Armenia by Radio Hay radiostation on Saturdays and Mondays, at 9:00 AM.

Artur Papyan

Journalist, blogger, digital security and media consultant

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  1. I really enjoy these podcasts that you do guys. Keep it up!
    Nice to hear about the geeky tech stuff 😉 Anything to do with Tech & Web & IT fascinates me, especially it’s impact on Armenian economy, as well as our society, but most importantly the enhancement of Armenian presence on the Web and in Google searches pageranks (so be sure to continue giving backlinks to each other).
    I don’t know about Obama being Armenian, but one of the founders of Reddit is Armenian 😉
    The current financial crisis is having a hard-felt impact on major Web2.0 start-ups. Those “firms”, which are no more than a fancy PHP, MySQL, ROR and Python apps, in Silicone Valley rely on sizeable and continuous angel and VC investments. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that most of those start-ups were financed from the banking boom and riding the bubble of money that did not exist. Just imagine at least 15,000 start-ups, which are yet to produce a profitable model, having multi-milion dolar investments… AND *needing* a continuous flow of those investments just to stay operational. Of course, Google, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, WordPress and many others are here to stay, but many many others from this Bubble2.0 are gonna soon vanish.
    Yet I see this as an oportunity for many new smaller IT and Web startups to emerge especially from countries like Armenia, precisely because the costs are lower, the technical skills are often better, the working environment is less “corporate” and they don’t need a multi-million dollar annual budgets.
    We must remember that it was in the midst of recessions that many great start-ups like Google in 1999 and Skype (which was developed originally in Estonia) in 2003, gained momentum and prominence.
    BTW, my comp got infected by that Tidserv virus that you mentioned. That was a nasty one 😉 Took me almost 1.5 months to fully recover my systems.

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