69 Percent of Armenian Households Own a Computer. Study

Sixty-nine percent of Armenian households have a computer, and the same proportion have an internet connection, according to the new survey published by the National Statistics service. Continue reading


BarCamp Vanadzor 2016 at VTC

Armenia -- Artur Papan (me) speaking about "Number 1 problem of Multimedia" at BarCamp Vanadzor, 12Nov2016

Armenia — Artur Papan (me) speaking about “Number 1 problem of Multimedia” at BarCamp Vanadzor, 12Nov2016

Vanadzor has an amazing  Vanadzor Technology Center – VTC and on Sunday there was a Barcamp Vanadzor 2016 event to prove it! Continue reading

When Bad Service Is The Norm

I’ve been complaining quite a lot recently – going through automated instructions, patiently waiting for the operator, complaining, complaining on to the next official on the line and then on to the next one. And none of my frustrations seems to find a solution. Continue reading