Gagik Beglaryan appointed Yerevan's mayor

Gagik BeglaryanGagik Beglaryan, Yerevan’s central Kentron district’s mayor, has been appointed as Yerevan’s mayor by president Serzh Sargsyan. Beglaryan is the government official, who said only 10 days ago that he and his kin are “used to fighting for themselves”, referring to an incident when his bodyguards severly beet a shoolchild for getting into an argument with Beglaryan’s son.
 “We don’t keep bodygards to fight for us. We fight ourselves!”, Beglaryan – the than district mayor  boasted speaking to RFE/RL, as if fighting or beating a poor schoolchild was of any real value. Now the man with that type of mentality has been appointed Yerevan’s mayor in a move that could mean president Sargsyan wants him to use ‘the beating skill’ to help the president’s Republican party win the upcoming elections of the first municipal council slated for May 31.
Beglaryan, who leads the Republican party’s list of candidates at the municipal elections,  will have to step down from the mayor’s post unless re-appointed by the newly elected municipal assembly.
These are the first elections of Yerevan’s municipal authorities since the 90’s, when the mayor position was turned into a president-appointed one in an attempt to weaken the powers of Yerevan mayor, who would otherwise become the most powerful elected executive after the president having the vote of approval of up to 1 million Armenians.
Thus, the appointment of Yerevan’s mayor was president’s privilage until the November 2005 Constitutional amendments, which required that the Yerevan have elected municipal government. The law on Yerevan’s mayor’s elections were delayed for two years and a the law on Yerevan’s municiapal authority was adopted by legislators, led by Parliament majority Republican faction, skillfully avoiding the Constitutional requirement to institute direct elecitons of the mayor.
Now Belaryan, who leads the Republican party’s election candidate list on municipal elections will be automatically re-appointed as mayor if the Republican party gains more than 51% of the seats in municipal assembly. Considering the history of Armenian elections, this shouldn’t be too hard to do for a rulling party and a mayor in office, using all the administrative resource available to affect the elction results.
So Yerevan – there goes your new mayor for the next 12-15 years or so!

Artur Papyan

Journalist, blogger, digital security and media consultant


  1. My God. Things are getting so bad in Armenia. There never seems to be a light at the end of the tunnel.
    Everyday there is something disappointing. Now we have this idiot as a mayor who thinks beating up children is ok. How sad for us Armenians.

  2. Hey guys, while I fully sympathize with the comment above, I just wanted you to know it wasn’t from your all-too-frequent correspondent. But since the Ani above is going to be personally suffering under the boot of this new Mayor Bluto, I’ll change my sig to Ani W. Maybe it’s time for the little tapestries to come back, Observer?

    1. I’ll see what I can do Ani 🙂 The little icon’s are gone as a result of some change to the commenting mechanism of this blog which allows replying to each other etc.

      1. Forgot to say thank you for the icons! 🙂

      2. Hi Ditord
        Was just wondering that which plugin did you use?

        1. H, my blog is hosted on the and I honestly don’t know what’s the plugin. In fact, I don’t think it is a plugin at all – because it seems like a feature of the new muliuser BBPress.

  3. A few days ago I bumped into one of the ultra-right-wing newspapers (I can’t remember which one), and they had an online poll with a question of “Whom would you prefer to see as the Yerevan Mayor?” Out of about a dosen candidates Beglaryan has something like 3% of popular vote. Not very popular at all.
    Funny enough, on that ultra-right-wing newspaper the poll suggested that over 70% would like to see Ararat Zurabyan as the Mayor of Yerevan.
    In my view, Moyors should be elected by the People rather than being appointed by the “El Presidente”.

  4. Is there still anyone (an eternal optimist…) who expects the mayor to be really elected?
    Onnik, are you there?

  5. No improvement whatsoever in the mentality of the governing officials during the last 20 years. The value system is all screwed up!

  6. This “objective” blogger Observer is ridiculous.
    Ay miamit, do you know your role here? I saw your face and it seems to me that you need to grow up?
    Where is your opinion? Are you non-opinion shakal?
    Just let me know

    1. Taron – what exactly are you complaining of? Please state your points without offenses, I’ll try to address them.

  7. Nazarian, didn’t think you had given up and were now willing to let elections go uncontested and resign yourself to apathy. Ultimately, that’s a big part of why the situation is as it is.
    Basically, it’s not a question of being an eternal optimist, the fact is that such an attitude is defeatist. Of course, there are many valid reasons for that.
    For one, as has been seen, the opposition cannot gather the critical mass necessary for protesting the outcome of elections and also, the security services can use more force.
    However, after 1 March there is no way the government would survive more bloodshed on the streets, but nobody will care to discipline Armenia unless political parties contest this vote.
    Of course, the main issue might simply be that the residents of Yerevan won’t care about the election, not understanding the significance of the power a Mayor could have if elected properly.
    Ironically, however, it’s a perfect opportunity to actually address residents with issues that directly concern them. But, it requires taking this election seriously.
    Obviously, even if the ANC and Heritage seem to be starting to consider taking them seriously, preferring to launch an infantile attack on me while I’m instead trying to alert people to the importance of this vote and highlight concerns with it.
    Without that approach, of course nothing will change.
    Meanwhile, if what one head of an international organization tells me is correct, Beglarian doesn’t actually need 51 percent thanks to a lovely provision in the new law.
    So, residents of Yerevan and political pundits, it’s up to you. Concentrate only on electing corrupt Kings or actually contribute to the creation of a democratic culture.
    On that basis alone, I’m pessimistic because there is none. I do, however, hope I’m wrong and forgive me if that is over-optimistic, but it’s a much more productive attitude to take.
    Forget confrontational tactics and street protests leading to clashes with security forces. That won’t usher in democracy or democratic elections. Civic education and a culture of democratic thought among the electorate, however, will.

    1. Onnik, I did not mean to attack your position. My position is that it’s futile to play chess with a boxer in a boxing ring. But the alternative is worse as you have suggested. The ANC and LTP have also said that they will stick with Consitutional ways of restoring the constitutional order. For the past year, there have not been any cracks in the regime even as they have essentially bankrupted the country.
      Let’s see if the opposition can come up with a united front and a single candidate.

  8. Since I’m not in Yerevan I’m not able to be either optimistic or pessimistic. But the mayoral election must be taken seriously; it must be taken as seriously as fighting a war is, because the whole event must be made as legible as possible. If the opposition takes it seriously (which I believe they are), then, just as on Sunday, when roads were blocked and many youths were taken to jail merely for the “crime” of passing out flyers, every repressive move the government makes will take place in the sunlight, not the shadow. This “appointment” as mayor ahead of time is both appalling and legible, but it does give a lot of time to fully understand this guy’s MO and character for the outsiders who care.
    It’s time for everybody to understand that change begins with themselves (sorry for stealing from Obama), and that way all attempts at stealing, bribing, and other illegalities that the ruling party engages in during elections will be clearly shining in the sunlight.
    I’m no optimist, Nazarian, but if you remember I did tell you it was possible for Indiana to vote Democratic, and it actually happened, so miracles do exist! 🙂

    1. Now you are comparing apples to oranges. People are not beaten up or killed for their political views in Indiana. They dislike the government meddling in their affairs and that’s about it.
      BTW, I was in Elkhart County yesterday on business. I’ll post about it once I manage to extract a
      picture I took out of my phone.

      1. Well, I wasn’t comparing the difficulties involved, just showing that miracles do happen once in a while. Sitting this election out is simply not an option; the contest is almost as important as the result. What’s sad is to think that we have to talk about the dangers of conducting a mayoral election–doesn’t that say everything about the current regime right there?

  9. Taron,
    Observer’s role is to observe and to report. For those who don’t know what reporting is, it is laying out the facts and background information and letting readers form opinions, and Observer is going a great job doing just that. Sadly, almost no one else in the journalistic community does that. Most newspaper articles are filled with rumors, outright lies, and ill-informed opinions.

    1. Thanx V! 🙂

      1. That’s why there is the comments area for
        the others to express their opinions.

        1. Exactly.

  10. First of all before starting my post I`d like to know Onik`s opinion about 1st march rally.I met his oppinion befor 1st march that he said that maximum the ANC will gather 4000 people .Onik what do you think how many thousand people participated in the rally?
    I ask this question as i met in your post that you say that ANC is not able to gather critic mass.What do you have in mind mantioning “critic mass”?
    Now about my candidate for the Yerevan`s Mayor.
    I think that the best opposition candidate for this post will be Khachatur Sukiasyan,one of the richest buisnessmen of Armenia,(former owner of Bjni, Owner of the biggest Armenian bank ARMECONOM BANK,Pizza Di Roma,Sil Group and others)
    I think that Khachatur Sukiasyan is the most clever Armenian buisnessman and because of being very principal and morale person he is accepted both for oppositioners and progovernment people.
    As a M.P. Khachatrur Sukiasyan was very-very popular in his district,after declaring about his support to president Ter-Petrosian he became more and more popular.During the ellections Khachatur Sukiasyan was the manager of President TEr-Petrosian`s Yerevan Ellectoral office,he was the general supporter of the postellection movement and now hi is one of the simbols of ANC. So I would wish to have Khachatur Sukiasyan as a mayor of Yerevan.
    Struggle ! Struggle ! To The END
    The victory will be ours !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Armenian Bismark Churchill, what I said was the following and made it clear it was a guestimate.

    If they manage to rally 15,000 it’s normal (a la 2004), but I’m guestimating 3-4,000 maximum on 1 March.
    Which is also another reason why the authorities should allow the requested locations. I don’t believe the extra-parliamentary opposition will use the occasion to provoke any clashes.
    Besides, even if it turns out to be more, so be it.

    So, my guestimate was too low. Instead, most of us at the rally estimated over 10,000 but not more than 20,000.
    AP, Reuters etc reported over or around 10,000 and the BBC put it as many as 20,000.
    Anyway, regarding critical mass, it’s considered that 100,000 is necessary.
    Anyway, what will be interesting will be to see how many come out on 1 May.
    What might change matters is if the economy crashes or if people become interested in the Mayoral elections.
    However, I’m told that there is so far no money for democracy organizations to fund awareness programs. Hopefully, that will change.
    And yes, I do agree with Ani that the election of Mayor, despite the signs that the outcome has already been decided, should be taken seriously.
    Indeed, with presidential and parliamentary elections (officially) in the distant future, this is the next “battle,” as Ani implies.
    Incidentally, some photos and my account of the 1 March rally is at:

  12. BTW:

    When of thousands of Armenians crowded into the centre of Yerevan on March 1 for a rally commemorating last year’s bloodshed, they may well have expected to hear fighting talk. If so, they were in for a disappointment.
    Instead, at a meeting held to commemorate the ten people killed last year in a police charge, the leader of the Armenian National Congress, ANC, signalled a change of stance.
    Levon Ter-Petrosian urged his assembled supporters to abandon all thought of bringing about political change through street protests and concentrate on a long struggle waged through exclusively constitutional methods.
    Khachatrian said the date of the next opposition rally, May Day, had not been set by accident, as the economic situation was widely expected to have become graver by then.
    Other observers link the May date to the forthcoming May elections for a new mayor of Yerevan.
    As around a third of the country’s population lives in the capital, the party whose candidate wins this key contest stands to benefit greatly in national influence.
    Moreover, the ANC and Heritage have said they may team up for the election and propose a joint candidate.
    To all those LTP supporters who are criticizing me for saying people need to take the May municipal election seriously, one supposes you are also critical of these steps.
    Would be interesting to hear and for the record, I think that such moves will give the ANC more credibility both domestically and internationally.

  13. Some battles have to be fought even if there’s little chance of winning, because it’s the only way to be taken seriously. No regimes last forever, and you never know what will be that final last straw. Outsiders like the U.S. and Europe want to see consistency within the opposition, so the mere fact of contesting this election is nearly as important as its outcome.
    Thanks, Onnik, for the clarifications and the links.

  14. ““With Gagik Beglarian’s appointment they want to maximize their administrative capabilities and control over all officials during the elections,” said Anahit Bakhshian, Zharangutyun’s nominal chairwoman. “This is leverage for falsifying, influencing or ‘correcting’ course of the elections.””
    There are at least three major ways of behavior when one faces such conduct by the authorities.
    1) The politically pessimistic and psychologically apathetic, “fuck you all” approach.
    2) The politically active way: determined struggle for slow INSTITUTIONAL change, and not just for POWER.
    3) The politically active way: attempts at getting to POWER by force of huge demonstrations and cracks in the regime.
    Ordinary people tend to 1), but politically organized groups and parties tend to 2) or 3) – or just to getting a piece of pie from the regime (“the pocket opposition”).
    Now, 3) was tried by LTP. He did not succeed. And even if he succeeded, the nature of the regime, to any objective observer, would not change. The corrupt semicriminal-oligarchic regime WAS established by him in the first place, then perfected by Kocharyan, and would go on prospering under Levon-2, with Defense Minister Manvel and Prosecutor General Jhangiryan.
    So, the main politically active way to try to change the NATURE of regime (and not just to come to power) is through consistent and determined promotion of rule of law, of vigorously contesting any illegalities by using ALL constitutional means! That is why I respect Zaruhi Postanjyan, for example, although I may not agree with ALL her words or actions (and I like evaluating others, of course, while I am comfortably sitting and farting in front of my computer).
    But when Raffi stated after 2007 parliamentary elections: “We received 3 (three!) times more votes than were officially registered”, and did not pursue ANY substantial redress action up to the highest courts in Armenia and THEN NECESSARILY European Courts, I got my first doubts in him personally. Either he is a demagogue and gave the arbitrary numbers OR he is not able/willing to carry out the above-mentioned 2) – the determined and consistent political struggle.
    Those doubts got only exacerbated when “Heritage” joined LTP in the presidential campaign and when, last summer, its candidate for Arabkir district mayor, Zoya Tatevosyan, described those mayoral elections as unfair and fraudulent (I don’t remember the exact words, but the point was that the conduct was illegal), but the “Heritage” AGAIN did not pursue any consistent and determined action, up to the highest courts in Armenia and THEN NECESSARILY European Courts!!
    My point is: if you are NOT up to the real political struggle (that has nothing to do with violence and power-grab), shut up and get out! A very legitimate question arises: Why are you in the political field at all? To simply register the illegalities of the regime? Ordinary folk or journalists can do that just as well. To complain as children? Why are you not using ALL the AVAILABLE legal means??!! This kind of INconsistent behavior discourages people like me MORE than the illegalities of the criminal system (well, criminal systems, by definition, should prop themselves by illegalities; it’s disgusting but it’s a fact of life.)
    I, for example, say “it’s disgusting”, and don’t get into politics.
    But when people who do get in active politics refuse/are not able/intimidated to actively and consistently fight for the change of the nature of the system and eventually limit themselves to basically saying “it’s disgusting” as well, my question is to Raffi: WHY are you in politics?

    1. Artashes, my compliments on very interesting comment. Re the last question: “Raffi: WHY are you in politics?” – I suspect it’s because his father said so 🙂 And I’m actually dead serious.
      PS: Sorry for holding your comment in moderation – I’ve got some filters which block words like crime, etc.

    2. Great analysis, Artashes. It’s really depressing to read that Heritage continues to ponder whether or not to work together with the ANC on the mayoral election, since running separately would undoubtedly doom the enterprise, and encourage voter apathy, precisely the wrong approach.
      Apathy and enthusiasm are equally contagious—the difference between success and failure is in the follow-through. It’s why Raffi’s “boycott” of the Council of Europe was so unhelpful, since it silenced a needed voice at an important time.

  15. And I’m again told that Beglarian does not need 51 percent of the vote. If he gets over 40 percent of the vote the law says that he will be automatically gifted the extra seats necessary on the council to become Mayor.

    The law further specifies that if political party/bloc has received more than 40% of seats but does not have the absolute majority of seats in the city council then extra seats are allocated to that part/bloc in order to gain absolute majority. For example if a party gets 27 seats (which is more than 40%) then extra 6 seats will be allocated to that party in order to have absolute majority in the council, i.e. 33 seats.
    It is worth mentioning that the major differences between the first reading draft and the second reading draft of the Yerevan law was the introduction of bonus seats for the political party/bloc with more than 40% and less than 50% of votes. The oppositional Heritage Party considered the second draft a regression. Nevertheless, the ruling coalition parties had no problem passing the law with the absolute majority that they have in the Parliament.
    It should also be noted that the law on Yerevan was passed during the 2008 Christmas and New Year season when many international and local organizations are less active.
    […] the bonus system under local Armenian circumstances would be an extra leverage to gain absolute power in the Yerevan self-governance bodies. The motivation of the authors of the law may become clearer if we look at the results of the 2007 National Assembly elections. The Republican Party received only 33% of votes through the proportional system even with certain controversy and fraud incorporated in that percentage. Realistically the ruling party/parties cannot expect to gain 50% of votes nor can they manipulate the results of elections too obviously and rudely among strongly opposition minded electorate like Yerevan.

    This information is from an international organization monitoring democratization in Armenia, btw.

  16. Personally I am more then sure that the mayoral ellections will be fraud even if opposition take 60% votes they will falsificate the results and opposition will get only 20% or a little more as it was during the presidential Ellections.Thats why I am against participating in this ellections.But there is another variant which I think we must use!
    We can participate in ellections but we must not accept this ellections
    only as mayoral ellections but an exact moment for the
    revolution.Saying revolution I dont have in mind violencies or attack
    of the presidential palace but a series of non stop rallies and other
    demonstrations until the resignation of the regime.After the expected fraud ellections on june 1 we can call our supporters to the square(ecconomiocal crisis will also make our demonstrations biger and powerfull
    falsification of the ellections and call our supporters (and people
    who blame the government for economic catastrof) to come to the square
    and start the end of the regime.After this ellections our revolution will be recognised as legitime all over the world and nobody will say that it`s anticonstitutional as if regime is falsificating the ellections the citizens have the constituional rights to change the falisificating government.
    As a mamber of Armenian National Congress I cant accept Raffi Hovhanisian to be the united candidate of ANC and Herritage.I have many friends in Heritage party but personally I dont like Raffi .He is very weak person,His ambitions are biger then his possibilities,He is not a person who will stand on 1 June and blame the government for falsificating the results,I even think that the regime would very like to See Raffi as a joint candidate of opposition and even can alow him to vin.They can try to raise the raiting of Raffi artificially to take the hegemony of ANC as the biggest opposition power so I DONT TRUST RAFFI.
    My favourite candidate was Khachatur Sukiasian but he cant run for the ellections so now my candidate is former minister of NAtional Security,former diplomat,the head of the Foreign Department of ANC Davit Shahnazarian.
    I Trust this person and I`d like to see him as a moyor of Yerevan

    1. Today, Lragir reports this (sorry, still can’t link the Lragir stories):
      At the request of the deputy prime minister of Armenia, territorial administration minister Armen Gevorgyan, the Congress of the Council of Europe of local and regional authorities will send observers in connection with Yerevan City Council Elections on May 31. The decision in this relation was made during the CoE Congress Bureau session on March 4.
      So see, ABC-jan, it’s necessary for the ANC and Heritage to work really hard and together on the mayoral election. We all know that the OSCE observers did a poor job monitoring (or at least reporting) on the presidential elections, but the thing is, they realize that as well. So just perhaps this mayoral election will be monitored more carefully. And although you are right to be pessimistic on the outcome, and as Onnik has pointed out, the Republicans apparently only need to procure 40 percent of the votes, the opposition has to make all efforts to show they have true support in the general population. That’s why, as he said, voters must be made to understand that this is an important election.
      As to who the mayoral candidate should be, from my limited knowledge, your suggestion Davit Shahnazarian has made a good impression internationally. The main thing is that the candidate should be capable and someone that the citizens of Yerevan can envision as a mayor (unlike, say, a Prosperous Armenian surgeon or an accused child beater). And once again, I hope that the ANC and Heritage can manage to work together, because bickering over a piece of Nothing when there is a potential for having Something makes no sense at all.

  17. I’ve received an unofficial translation of the changed to the electoral code governing the municipal election from an international organization and have posted the relevant clauses relating to the 40 percent requirement in the comments section on my original Frontline Club post:

  18. The electoral code provision, as explained by Aesop:
    A lion, fox, jackal and wolf go hunting, successfully killing a deer. It is divided into four parts with the lion taking the first quarter because he is king of the beasts, the second quarter because he is the arbiter of which animals get what portions of the deer, the third quarter because of his help in catching the deer, and the fourth quarter for his superior strength.
    In some variants of the fable, the lion only takes three-quarters of the deer and lets the other animals fight over the remaining quarter.

  19. Why Heritage and the ANC should work together, as explained by Aesop:
    The Dog and the Bone is a fable ascribed to Aesop. According to the story, a dog was carrying a bone over a bridge. Looking down into the water, the dog saw its own reflection, which looked to him like another dog carrying another bone. Wanting the other dog’s bone as well as his own, the dog opened his mouth to bark at the “other” dog it saw, but in doing so, the dog dropped his own bone into the river, where it was gone for good.
    The sad, hungry dog learned the hard lesson that, by being greedy, one risks what one already has.

  20. I dont think ANC and Herritage can participated with joint list of candidates.Sure there will be a close cooperation but Heritage wants more then it worths.Such as his candidate for the mayor is Raffi whom the magority of the electorate of ANC doesent like,then they want to take 50% of the list of candidates which is not honest becouse ANC presents 18 parties and Heritage only 1 weak party.
    THen we musn`t forget about the dominating role of ANC in Armenia`s political life which Heritage doesent have.Even if we have a joint list I guess Herritage will be presented here as a small partner.I`d Like Herritage to join ANC and to become a member of ANC?If not may be we can think about Heritage behavour?What if Herritage is the other hiden client of serjik effendi?

  21. Today 15.03.2009 During the Poloitical Councill Of Armenian National
    Congress was addopted a deceison according which The Presidente Levon Ter-Petrosyan will be leading the list of ANC during the
    Mayor Ellections of Yerevan.The spokesmen of Armenian National
    Congress Arman Musinyan officially announced that President
    Ter-Petrosyan has given already his agreement to run for Mayor of
    Yerevan .Imagine the Panic of the Bandocratic Regime and Enjoy it :-))

  22. Nazarian, see, others do take it seriously…

  23. More pearls dropped from the mouths of the Republican party stooges:
    “Gagik Beglarian can not fail to become mayor because he is the candidate of the Republican Party,” Galust Sahakian, the leader of the HHK faction in the Armenian parliament, told RFE/RL on Monday.
    “The Republican Party is optimistic about the results of the May 31 elections and considers its chances quite good, regardless of whether it will be facing Levon Ter-Petrosian or [U.S. Deputy Assistant Secretary of State] Matthew Bryza,” said another senior HHK lawmaker, Armen Ashotian.
    Ashotian admitted that Ter-Petrosian’s decision to run for mayor took him by surprise. “Levon Ter-Petrosian’s decision to enter the fray is interesting,” he said. “It heralds an attempt to politicize those elections, which will presumably mean political debates and dialogues.”
    Gee, I’d sure hate to see elections politicized, with debates and dialogues… 🙂

  24. They are just confirming that the elections are going to be a farce. Since when has the HHK been a proponent of clean elections?
    As far as I can remember, never.

  25. So now everything is becoming clear.The bandocratic regime being surprised with the surprise of president had to burn its last bomb (mine) in the opposition camp.Many people were guessing that Raffi Hovhanisyan is not the person he was trying to show but very few could prove this.When the bandocratic regime understood that Chorni Gago (Black Gago) won`t become a mayor they deceided to deveide the opposition front into two fields.But I am sure it will give no result .The client of serjk choose his own way .
    Yestrday`s deceision was a political suicide for raffi.He will lose everfything he has,and soon will become a person whom we call AXC.
    Today` 17.03.2009 Many members of Heritage party( more then 600) were making a demonstration in front of the Heritage Party`s Baxramyan office demanding to change yestrday`s deceision their slogans were “Raffi choose your own way.Be with people or against the people”
    They gathered 600 signitures demanding an extra meeting of Heritage party.The organisators informed me that the meeting will be held on 20th march !

    1. Thanks for your update–let’s hope for the best result on Friday, people working together for a common and important goal.

    2. ABC – on the contrary, this was a very wise decision. It will in fact allow the opposition to grab more votes and perhaps they can make a sizable opposition in the municipality council, because, while many dislike Gagik Beglaryan, even more voters dislike Ter-Petrossian. The fact, that Heritage goes with a separate list will allow it to grab those votes stuck with the two bad choices: RPA or HAK, and instead turn to it. It will also seriously damage Orinats and ARF electorate.
      In the end, once the poll is over, and with the more optimistic scenario – the opposition grabbing over 51 percent of the seats, which can only be accomplished if HAK and Heritage go separate, nobody would prevent them from forming joint municipal government.

      1. Dear Observer.Probably you dont know the new Law about Yerevan in Details.1st there is one point in the law according which if any political orgnization takes the 40% of the seats of the Yerevan council this political orgnization takes 50% 10% bonus.It means if Armenian National Congress and Heritage party orgnise a political block under the name let`s say “United Oppositional front for democracy” and this block take the 40% we will have 50% in Yerevan Council,and we will appoint the mayor.If Armenian National Congress and Heritage party go deveided and Armenian National Congress take 30% of votes and Heritage 10 % then the regime`s coalition will take 60% magority.Now do you understand how important is the unity?
        Then in difference with you I am not sure that Heritage party is a true oppositionar party and I dont beleive that if they go deveided they will coopereate with us.This is not a mayoral ellections,It`s one of the most battles like Stalingrad during the second world war.If we dont win we can use everything or many things thats why even if heritage is pseudoopposition party this moment I`d like to participate with them united!I Understand that not everybody likes Ter-Petrosian,there is no political person in the world whom everybody beleived but even if so what do you think if the supporters of Heritage understand that Heritage is included in “United Opposition fzront for Democracy” even hating Ter-Petrosian wouldnt they vote for this bloc?Whats about Orinat`s Yerkir and ARF.After the presidential ellections 2008 Orinats Yerkir is so weakened that we needent use Herritage to grab it`s votes,whats about ARF.Their electorate is very very stabil! I dont like this party but this is not a party,this is a ideology like HHSH`The most important part of Armenian National Congress( HHSH (or ANM) political party which was orgnised in 1989 on the vawe of Armenian Pan-National Movement,the leader of this Party became future 1st president of Armenia Levon Ter-Petrosian and soon become it`s general ideolog or philoshoper).
        The only thing we need is the united opposition block,what`s about other internal problems beetwen ANM and Heritage we can solve it later!
        The other prevelegy of unity is that it will be maximum different for the regime to fraud ellections if not it`ll be very Easy.
        I hope the leader of Heritage will soon understand that if they didnt join Armenian National Congress it `ll be the end of his party and for him as a political figure!
        I hope that nothing is yet lost and during fridays meeting they will make a deceision of Unity !!!!!!!!!!!

  26. If Rafi is alredy sold Friday meeting will change nothing but the crush of his party !

  27. […] overhauls the otherwise predictible ‘elections’  and seriously damages incumbant mayor Gagik Beglaryan’s chances to be […]

  28. Hargeli p Beglaryan, shnorhavorum em Zer yntrvelu kapakcutjamb, es ashxatum em Ar herustaynkerutjan lurerum, es anhangstacac em Shengaviti taxapetaranum tirox iravichakic, xnamakalutjan hanznaghoxovy, vori qartuxary handisanum e hajrs arden tasy tari e inch haghoxutjamb irakanacnum e ajd gorcarujtnery, bolorovin verghers voroshvel e, vor ajd hanznaghoxovi amboxgh gorcy karox e irakanacnel iravabanakan baghiny, sakajn da hakasum e yntanekan orensgrqin ev karavarutjan vovrshmany, ajd hanznaghoxovum ashxatum en iharke hasarakakan himunqnerov mankavarghner, bghishkner, hogebanner, ajsinqn xndiry zut iravabanakan che, ete harmar kgtneq, handipman depqum aveli manramasn karox em nerkajacnel ajs bard iravichaky> Hajcum em zer hetevoxakanutjuny

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