Armenian Traffic Police have wearable cameras and they’re not afraid to use them

Portable cameras worn by Traffic Police officers in Armenia

Wearable cameras used by Traffic Police officers in Armenia

Armenian Traffic Police have been required to wear special surveillance cameras since June 2016. The cameras were introduced as part of the Government’s anti-corruption efforts [More info about cameras in this video]. A controversial incident on September 4th, which has caused a bit of uproar around the Armenian segment of the internet, has raised many questions about these cameras.

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Yerevan by Night: New City Tour Launched

Yerevan's Republic Square by night, Photo by Sonanik

Yerevan’s Republic Square by night, Photo by Sonanik via Wikipedia

Yerevan is stunningly beautiful by night, so it is a welcome move by Yerevan’s municipality to launch a new evening tour, which will run on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays from the Republic square from 20։30 to 21։15. Continue reading

Dangerous Levels of Pollutants Recorded in Yerevan’s Air

Traffic in Khanjyan street, HETQ photo

One of the hardest hit areas is downtown Yerevan; Khanjian Street in particular. Here, the highest carbon monoxide (CO) readings are registered between 4a.m. and midnight.

I live in a suburb of Yerevan’s southern Erebuni district and am lucky to have some trees and a green yard around, but when driving to work, somewhere in the area of Erebuni fortress I always feel how the air quality sharply changes and hits my lungs. It takes a while to adjust. Continue reading