A photo is worth a thousand words

It’s confirmed. ARF-Dashnaktsutyun decided to abandon Armenia’s ruling coalition. President Sargsyan reportedly said “I don’t give a shit!”

The Armenian Revolutionary Federation (Dashnaktsutyun) announced on Monday its decision to pull out of Armenia’s governing coalition, citing “insurmountable fundamental disagreements” with President Serzh Sarkisian over his conciliatory policy toward Turkey.
The dramatic move followed a Saturday meeting between Sarkisian and two Dashnaktsutyun leaders, Hrant Markarian and Armen Rustamian. According to the latter, Sarkisian briefed them on the essence of the still unpublicized “roadmap” for gradually normalizing Turkish-Armenian relations. “The president’s explanations did not satisfy us,” Rustamian said on Monday.

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    Artur - 29.04.2009

    They should have done it a long time ago.

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    nazarian - 29.04.2009

    They did their job, now they can go. They lent SS some legitimacy when his hands were covered with the blood of his citizens.

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      Observer - 29.04.2009

      Nazarian – the problem is they don’t seem to really want to go just yet: http://www.azatutyun.am/content/article/1618258.html

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        nazarian - 29.04.2009

        Classic ARF! They want to have the cake and eat it, too (Դեմ ըլլալով կողմ են իրենք).

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    The “Old Friends” again play the “Old Game”
    Every time before the ellections Dashnaks suddenly deceide not to participate in rejim`s coalition but soon after the elections they become the part of the banditocracy!
    Dashnaks now try to show them as “constructive opposition”.Dashnak`s who being an opposition during the presidency of Levon Ter-Petrosian were orgnising a terror attacks, and making a very destructive internal policy during the war such as bombing the soldiers with desinformation as if Ter-Petrosian is going to leave the lands which were under the danger,the soldiers beleiving this information were leaving their posts and when the government was asking why they left their post they were replying “Dashnak newspapers were writing that you are going to give this territory to azeris”
    Dashnaks during all 119 years of their presence are the worst thing in the newest history of Armenia which can be only compehered with the Genocide of Armenians.
    Dashaks` who were cooperating with the young turks` and celling the turks the russian weapons which Russian Impery was giving to the Libereation Armenian armies now are cooperating with serjik azatogli sarkisov and selling the national interests of Armenia (not the first time)
    Dahsnaks will have no place not only in the political life of Armeni but also in Armenian History !

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      Levonzade Ter-Kzi-Petrosli.
      By the way ellection is written with one “l”.

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      Philip - 19.02.2010

      hey Bismark Churchill if it wasn’t for the Dashnaks then most of us wouldn’t be here, and an organization wouldn’t last 119 years if it wasn’t part of political and cultural life, which has played a gigantic role for 119 year not only in the diaspora but now Armenia itself. You say that “Dahsnaks will have no place not only in the political life of Armeni but also in Armenian History !” You must have been educated by Russians and Turks, if you want Dashnaks not to have a role in Armenian history than you might as well agree with the Turkish government that they did not commit genocide. I understand you are anti Dashnak, and anti fedayi, everyone has there own opinion, thats fine, but when you attack an organization that was active during the genocide and helped protect the people from slaughter, then in a way you are insulting their efforts, our martyrs efforts. Its not like you are doing anything for the cause, just blaming organizations, you are the kind of person that keeps Armenians separated and divided. AMOT!

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    AH - 01.05.2009

    Repeating soviet historiography over and over will not make it true. Are you sure you are Armenian Bismarck Churchill and not Armenian Beria Chernenko?

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      Who says that I am repeating soviet historiography? Are 1992-1995`s soviet historiography????????????
      And then even Dashnaks never deny their cooperation with young turks !

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    Payqar - 20.05.2009

    So one of Serjik’s functions is holding an ashtray for Dashnaks?

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      Observer - 20.05.2009

      Finally someone noticed! :))))))

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        Payqar - 20.05.2009

        :). I guess people in Armenia got used to things like this. Se Normal 🙂
        The other funny thing is the special desk made for Serjik in Parliament. Have you seen it 🙂

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          Observer - 20.05.2009

          Hm, really? I go to the Parliament occasionally, but have never seen a Serzh desk. Where is it supposed to be located?

          1. Payqar - 21.05.2009

            It is at the right side of the speakers desk.
            A1+ have some photos:

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