The Obamameter, Armenians, Turks and blogs

As President Barack Obama’s 100 days in office went by the American analysts tried to find out how many of US President’s 514 campaign promises had been fulfilled, making use of the famous Obameter. Turns out Obama has fulfilled 27 of his campaign promises, broken 6, took a comprimise decision about 7 of them.

It seems only natural, that the Armenians around the world and the Armenian bloggers around the internet, were more interested in Obama’s one single campaign promise – to use the word “genocide” in his traditional April 24 address as Armenians around the world mark Armenian Genocide anniversary.
“Leave Obama alon,” Zloyan calls. “Armenians around the world have embarked on the mission of badmouthing Obama. I want to inform dear Armenians around the world – Obama is not your president, so stop making demands. Better think about why your very own leaders, thinkers and petty analysts were telling you lies only to back down from them and blame it all on others,” the blog goes on: “OK, let’s say there was a slight chance [of Obama naming the “genocide” world], little as it was. BUT TO THINK ABOUT IT AFTER WHAT HAPPENED ON APRIL 23rd is simply idiotic.”
“You didn’t say it after all…,” Chemarina writes. “In the case of the ‘roadmap’ I was sure, that our politicians were plain stupid, as I’ve become assured that grey strategic matter is viturally nonexistent in our state-fathers. As to Obama – I’ll wait a little before giving way to anger. At any rate ‘Meds Yeghern’ was interesting!”
“ARF-Dashnaktsutyun is at it again, but nobody’s interested in its games anymore…” Tsiranyan writes on the subject of recent Armenia – Turkey negotiations and Dashnaktsutyun’s uncompromising reaction to it and announcements about abandoning Armenia’s ruling political coalition. “There was much talk of Armenia – Turkey announcement today. Various political forces, ranking from nationalists to total spineless ones made comments about it. ARF’s ‘anger’ was of special interest. It said it’ll consider abandoning coalition. Sadly, though, it’s too late now. Nobody care’s about you anymore” Tsiranian warns.

Artur Papyan

Journalist, blogger, digital security and media consultant