Podcast: interview with Vahan Ishkhanian

PodcastThis week’s Armenian Blogosphere podcast features an interview with journalist Vahan Ishkhanian about his blogs, specifically the one on Tert.am.
Ishkhanian is well known around the Armenian Blogosphere. Not long ago he and his wife became the focus of much discussion and debate in blogs for publishing material’s on “Inqnagir” literary journal, claiming a prominent Armenian poet of the 20th century – Yeghishe Charents is gay.
Download this 5 minute podcast or listen to it online by clicking the player icon below.

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    Morine - 05.07.2009

    It’s a good explanation of human diversity and freedom of expression which is so hardly understandable for many readers who really appear to be only consumers who do not think much of where the free thought comes and thus the truthfulness touches our minds and not the accepted ideas of what one should be.

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