Armenian bloggers call for Foreign Minister Nalbandian’s resignation

Following the release of a statement on July 10, 2009, in Aquila, by presidents of OSCE Minsk Group co-chairing countries, containing the so-called Madrid basic principles of Karabakh problem’s resolution a group of several dozen Armenian bloggers have launched a campaign demanding the resignation of Foreign Minister Edward Nalbandian.

"These people will surrendur us to orcs", Freedom Fighter says

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Notes from the Armenian Blogosphere

A group of Armenian and Azerbaijani parliamentarians and intellectuals initiated a one-day “public diplomacy” trip visiting the Presidents and key officials in the disputed Karabakh region, Armenia and Azerbaijan. The action was designed to appeal to the publics in the conflict stricken region. Meanwhile, the Armenian bloggers were not impressed.

In an interview to Azerbaijani media, Siyavush Kerimi, one of the intellectuals visiting Karabakh as part of the Azerbaijani delegation, said after seeing the President of the Self-Declared Karabakh Republic: “I was reassured in my meeting with the leader of the separatists Bako Sahakian, that he is a short-sighted man and that Armenian’s don’t want to see the reality.”

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Podcast: interview with Vahan Ishkhanian

PodcastThis week’s Armenian Blogosphere podcast features an interview with journalist Vahan Ishkhanian about his blogs, specifically the one on

Ishkhanian is well known around the Armenian Blogosphere. Not long ago he and his wife became the focus of much discussion and debate in blogs for publishing material’s on “Inqnagir” literary journal, claiming a prominent Armenian poet of the 20th century – Yeghishe Charents is gay.

Download this 5 minute podcast or listen to it online by clicking the player icon below.–53.mp3″

Podcast: the ’emergency’ week in the Armenian blogosphere

“What’s burning? Is it at Nairit? Can’t see very well”, these were there questions asked at 18:55 on Dabavogr’s blog, minutes after the first deadly explosion at Nairit Chemical factory’s rubber production plant in Yerevan, which left 4 dead, 8 seriously wounded. Minutes after Shur posted a photo of the thick column of smoke, made from central Yerevan, the buzz was out in the Armenian blogosphere.

This 46th episode of the Armenian Blogosphere podcast brings reactions of the Armenian blogosphere and Twitterers, to the emergency in Yerevan. Download the 1.3 Mb mp3 file, or listen to it online by clicking the player icon below.

The podcast also features an interview with blogger Ogostos on the new initiative of the Armenian authorities aimed at collecting data on cases of misinformation and falsifications of facts related to Armenia and Armenians from the internet and various other open sources of information.″

The Obamameter, Armenians, Turks and blogs

As President Barack Obama’s 100 days in office went by the American analysts tried to find out how many of US President’s 514 campaign promises had been fulfilled, making use of the famous Obameter. Turns out Obama has fulfilled 27 of his campaign promises, broken 6, took a comprimise decision about 7 of them.″ Continue reading