Armenia marks the Independence day

Photolur photo via RFE/RL
Photolur photo via RFE/RL

Armenia turned 18 today. Wouldn’t be able to buy beer in U.S.A yet, but certainly entitled to a passport. This is quite a mature age for a country, and time to behave more responsibly in local and international politics. Like an adult!
Let’s wish all the best to the 18-year-old Armenia and its 18-year-old citizens, many of whom have yet to understand what statehood, citizenship and responsibility towards one’s country means.
PS: I’m buried in so much work, that it doesn’t seem like holiday or party at all. Oh well, I suppose work-work-work is part of building one’s country and helping sustain its fragile independence?

Artur Papyan

Journalist, blogger, digital security and media consultant