The two big-fat-hippo backsides in Yerevan’s zoo


I’m not a big fan of Yerevan’s zoo – the place stinks quite badly and some animals look really unhappy and dirty. Still, my son, absolutely loves the place and keeps asking to take him there again.

The fantastic photo above was made and posted to Facebook by a good friend – Hovhannnes Shoghikyan. The photo of the two big-fat-hippo-backsides captured in Yerevan’s zoo made me write this post – mostly to post this photo somewhere. Yep, these are some amazing hippopotamus butts right there!


My wife has made tons of photos from Yerevan’s zoo as well, so I figured, I’d post a couple of them. This is the elephant presented to Yerevan’s zoo by the sweets’ company Grand Candy. They also tried to find a wife for him, but it didn’t quite work out, so the elephant is still single.


These beers have been in Yerevan’s zoo since I was a kid. Unlike most other animals in Yerevan’s zoo, they are always quite cheerful…


…the serious guy.


…more butts!

Artur Papyan

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  1. I feel sorry for the people in Armenia , the people are treated like animals by the goverment , what to say about the animals in the zoo……

  2. Where is the ostrich?!?!?!

    1. Vay! Excuse me. This is a big-big mistake! I’ll post it today! Promise!

  3. At this point, I’m just happy there is a “public” zoo in Armenia, but I do feel sorry for poor elephant…

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