Coffee in Dilijan

Driving through Dilijan with a group of friends on Sunday we decided to stop for a cup of coffee at this amazing place called Caffeine Brew Lab, which turned out to have the best tasting coffee I’ve had for quite a while in Armenia. Continue reading “Coffee in Dilijan”


Booze Traveler on The Armenian Trail

I just had a discussion with some Armenian friends about Armenian drinks and remembered about this really fun episode of the Jack Maxwell’s documentary series “Booze Traveler” for the Travelchannel, in which he explores Armenian culture of alcoholic beverages. Continue reading “Booze Traveler on The Armenian Trail”

Areni Wine Festival – a Tradition in Fermenting

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The Wine festival in Areni village of Vayots Dzor region in Armenia was held for the 4th consecutive time on Saturday, October 6th. The annual event, which is partly sponsored by the Armenian government, is slowly turning into a tradition and a welcome one, judging from these great photo shots published by Continue reading “Areni Wine Festival – a Tradition in Fermenting”

Holiday Planner: Bing maps provides driving directions to Georgia


Microsoft’s Bing Maps says: “Depart from Yerevan on M24 road and drive 5.2 miles, turn right onto highway A325 … cross over to Georgia… Arrive at Kobuleti, Ajaria, Georgia on the right.” Yep, looks like the Bing Maps is the best option for Armenians planning to ride to the Black See for an escape from summer heat in an affordable seaside location in Georgia.

Continue reading “Holiday Planner: Bing maps provides driving directions to Georgia”