Armenia’s “Hatis” beats Turkey’s “Beshiktash”, again

I’m all for basketball diplomacy after Armenia’s “Hatis-Yerevan” team beat Turkey’s “Beshiktash” again on December 17th. Our girls are cool – they beat “Beshiktash” in Istanbul 87-64  in November, and beat them again here in Yerevan – 78։72.

This is good news for Armenia, and for international basketball in general. Whilst Playing bingo online here and visiting casino gaming websites might have opened up access to those who enjoy competing within a digital arena, this has not always been the case for those who prefer more physical sports. It is certainly good to see this team establishing itself within the international sports areas, as this is sure to open up a number of future opportunities for those involved.

If you’re getting all interested, patriotic and stuff, make sure to check out their website – Even though there are many foreigners playing in the team, and there aren’t very many in Armenians in the leading cast, meaning the team is more international when it comes to ethnicity, they are really cool as a whole. The team is both very old, meaning “Hatis” existed in Soviet days, but also very young – it was reestablished in August 2009, and it has already made it to the play offs of the European Cup 2009/10. Well done girls!

Along with Nazik Avdalian, our very own World Weightlifting champion (and  Gyumri girl at that, which makes me especially proud), the girls are proving – they’re the hope for this country’s future. Well done again, girls!

Artur Papyan

Journalist, blogger, digital security and media consultant


  1. OK, I am trying to see which team is Hatis and which one is Beshiktash in the photo above. But none of the ladies seem to be of Armenian or Turkish ethnicity.
    Am I missing something?

    1. OK, I think the ladies in white are Hatis.

      1. Nazarian, your thinking right 🙂 and it is indeed hard to guess, so good job gessing :)) I don’t think there are many Turks playing on “Beshiktash” side either.

  2. I knew a few Americans playing in Eurpoean teams. For them it was a way to build experience for an eventual application to play at the NFL. Maybe for these ladies it works similarly – for the Americans to get into the WNBA.
    I don’t know about the Serbians. I think they seek better pay and better leadership roles than what’s available in their country.

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