BarCamp Vanadzor 2016 at VTC

Armenia -- Artur Papan (me) speaking about "Number 1 problem of Multimedia" at BarCamp Vanadzor, 12Nov2016
Armenia — Artur Papan (me) speaking about “Number 1 problem of Multimedia” at BarCamp Vanadzor, 12Nov2016

Vanadzor has an amazing  Vanadzor Technology Center – VTC and on Sunday there was a Barcamp Vanadzor 2016 event to prove it! Continue reading “BarCamp Vanadzor 2016 at VTC”

Coffee in Dilijan

Driving through Dilijan with a group of friends on Sunday we decided to stop for a cup of coffee at this amazing place called Caffeine Brew Lab, which turned out to have the best tasting coffee I’ve had for quite a while in Armenia. Continue reading “Coffee in Dilijan”

Syrian-Armenian Refugees Send this Videomessage on Genocide Remembrance Day

My very good friends, a group of young Syrian-Armenians, who have found refuge in Armenia from Syria’s raging civil war, have made this remarkable video message today, which I want to share with you.

A message to those who tried to scratch our chapter from the book of human existence.
We, the descendants of the Armenian Genocide survivors, are and will be the protectors of our identity and cultural heritage.

With a spark in our eyes, we stand up.
We speak up and hold our heads up!
Today, we carry the torch of our nation and prove to the world that we are unbreakable.

By: Houry Pilibbossian ,Khachig Ainteblian ,Puzant Keshishian ,Galin Dishoyan and Hena Aposhian

“Armenia, My Love” To Premiere Tonight

Diana Angelson’s ‘Armenia, My Love’ film-tribute to the victims of the Armenian Genocide will premiere today at 7:30 PM at the Laemmle Playhouse 7 movie theatre in Pasadena, as well as Laemmle NoHo 7 in North Hollywood and the MGN 5 Star cinema in Glendale.

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