PM Tigran Sargsyan to interact with public 'directly' via newly launched blog

00001ed9 Armenian Prime Minister Tigran Sargsyan has officially launched his blog, which, he hopes, will help him directly interact with public.
“It is important for me to make sure, that you understand how I think”, Tigran Sargsyan, 50, father of 3,Ph. D in economics, has written in his first entry in a LiveJournal blog opened in November, but officially made public today.
The blogger has specified “Prime Minister of Armenia” as main occupation in the blog’s user information page. I verified from a reliable source – this is indeed Prime Minister of Armenia Tigran Sargsyan.

PM’s blog was featured in Public TV’s evening news program anounces, serving an indirect proof, that this is indeed his blog, even if Tigran Sargsyan doesn’t take time to personally maintain it.
“Mass Media often impose their opinion, depriving us from the possibility to interact directly. I think it will be good to have the means for directly communicating with you,” Tigran Sargsyan has said in his blog, explaining, that the reason he has created it to have a place to present his “thoughts and ideas”, and hoping to get feedback about his actions and public speeches.
“I have questions to ask you. I’m sure you have questions, too,” PM has concluded, hoping for an ‘interesting’ interaction.
Armenian bloggers were fast to respond to PM’s entry into their ranks. Tigran Sargsyan’s blog has already received 100+ comments and counting. Most are words of welcome and introduction. There is no interaction to speak of so far – which is not surprising. There are only a couple of critical remarks and questions, which certainly don’t take a Prime Minister to answer.
This is not the first time a high-level politician is launching a blog. President Serzh Sargsian came up with a similar initiative in the wake of March 1, 2008 violence in Yerevan. His blog caused quite a hype back than, only to waste away into oblivion.
Let’s wait and see what will come out of PM’s initiative. Meanwhile, I’ve made a couple of points and asked a question. Let’s see if there’s ever an answer.

Artur Papyan

Journalist, blogger, digital security and media consultant

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  1. Speaking of sharing tips, the Russians have come up with this blogging by officials idea too 🙂
    Concerned about declining public trust in regional media, the Kremlin is pushing governors to launch their own blogs and take part in online discussions, a step that could change Russian politics as well as reporting about it or one that could fizzle if the governors fail to maintain their blogs or if Moscow decides such outlets are a threat to its control.

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