State Revenue Committee wastes 29,5 million AMD taxpayer money on corporate party

Armenian State Revenue Committee have spent 29,5 million Armenian drams (about $79,000 US), on organizing a corporate party for its staff of 270 people: management, tax and customs officers, with the participation of Armenian music stars and comedians in Yerevan’s luxury Marriott Armenia hotel.
A document made public by the Journalists’ Club “Asparez” on Friday, reveals, that Armenian taxpayers had to pay 107 thousand AMD ($290 US) for each tax/customs service official to have fun. $290 is quite a lot of money for a large party like that, even if its in the most expensive restaurant.

The question is – what have those tax/customs officials done to deserve such a lavish party in a year of unprecedented economic downturn for the country. The Armenian economy contracted 15-15.5% in 2009, and the State Revenue Committee didn’t do anything heroic to save the State budget: the tax revenues last year dropped almost 18%. As a regular law-obedient citizen, I’m probably right to think, that this is taxpayer money – wasted.
In its press release, the Journalists’ Club “Asparez” also claims, that the due procedure for making large state purchases was not duly observed, hinting there might also be some corruption / ‘kick-back’ issue involved. Something tells me, “Asparez” claims right…

Artur Papyan

Journalist, blogger, digital security and media consultant


  1. The unbelievable part is that they did this openly. Usually they have a cover for swindling the public moneys.

  2. This, and much more document are published on
    So it is better to credit the government, instead of Levon Barseghyan.
    Moreover – it is a real fun to hear about Levon Barseghyan fighting against corruption.

    1. There is nothing to credit the government for. Most of this “transparent” things that the government is doing are a requirement imposed on them by organizations, such as the World Bank, IMF and other conditional donors.
      However, Levon Barseghyan’s main service to the public lies in drawing attention to the data, that the government has published on its website.
      Those electronic copies of the receipts might stay on the government’s website forever and nobody would pay any attention to them, if Levon Barseghyan didn’t invite public attention to it.
      Now, let’s get to the essence of the problem – do you think the uncovered evidence is normal? Is it normal for the State Revenue Committee to spend close to 100 million AMD on benefits, gifts to its employers and organizing parties, when the country is suffering from the worst economic downfall it has ever seen in the past 20 years? WTF?!?

      1. I’m sure it’s not normal. Moreover – I cannot judge for sure, but I personally will welcome investigation, and will prefer criminal investigation of this issue.
        My remark was not about the issue in its essence. I condemn such practice.
        My concern was about one corruptioner, pointing out the other.
        My comment was about wrong credit for info digging.
        That’s it.

        1. I don’t care who digs information about corruption, as long as large scale corruption, especially on the government level is eliminated.
          I know, that most police and prosecutors in Armenia are not angels, but when they catch and punish some criminal – I personally welcome such moves.

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