Amazing 3D show in Liberty square on the Republic day. I’m loving it! Wow!

Via Norayr


2 thoughts on “Wow!

  1. I dont get easily impressed or phased by alot of things I see in life, but this phased me good. I’ve never seen anything like it. usually something like this is done in LA or Vegas. it’s wonderful how this being done in Hayastan. what is even more amazing to me is how its done on the facade of the opera house building. usually you would need a flat facade to do something as this, but on a rounded/curved facade? only in our Hayastan can we pull off something as this. apreq Hayer jan, shat em vayelum. I still cant get passed as how its done and how they were able to line up the images with the seams and lines of the facade. its mind boggling. and then made it as if the opera house shook, that blew me away. especially how they made it as if the windows of the house turned on its light and as if there is ppl behind the windows playing their instruments. WoW indeed !!!

    even as I’ve posted this comment, I’m watching it again
    its unbelievably amazing, I’ve never seen such technology as this
    iriv, anhavanakan e

    here is a better view of this show

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