American University of Armenia to launch bachelor's degree courses

The American University of Armenia will start offering bachelor’s degree courses starting from 2013. AUA – considered to be the best educational institution in Armenia, has only been offering post-graduate degrees over the 20 years of its existence.
More information on the difference between undergraduate and graduate level degrees in American colleges can be found on the Online PhD and College Board websites.
“Soon we will publish our development strategy for 2011-2017 that will focus on unprecedented development of the university, including the introduction of Undergraduate System. This will allow the university to enrol four times as many students,” AUA president Bruce Poghosian said at a Tuesday news conference.

The AUA is celebrating the 20th anniversary of its establishment with a variety of events that will run from September 26 to October 1 under the motto “20 years of progress.”

The idea to establish the American University of Armenia was prompted by the Spitak earthquake in 1988. In order to alleviate the disaster many experts in earthquake resistance engineering visited Armenia, including a delegation from the United States that included a well-known American professor Mihran Agbabyan, and Armen Ter-Kyureghian, a professor of University of California, Berkeley, who together with Professor Stephan Karamartyan developed the blueprint for the future of the university.

The bulk of the funding was provided by the Armenian General Benevolent Union (AGBU). The project was supported by the governments of Armenia and the United States, University of California, the Ministry of Education and Science.

PS: This is great news for those parents, who are concerned with educational prospects for their children. AUA provides quality education and its graduates are recognized specialists in their fields. I’ll do everything to make sure my sons get their degrees here!

Artur Papyan

Journalist, blogger, digital security and media consultant


  1. yah, and I’m sure it will cost you a very expensive penny to send your sons to AUA. how much does a real education cost in Hayastan at any of the private or state univ’s?
    in hotac ugly everything is overpriced on purpose america, a decent education at an accredited state or priv. university costs minimum $50-100k over a coarse of 4-6 years depending on what field you choose and which degree you want (bachelors or masters) and if you attend what they call an IVY league school (private universities for the rich & elite) such as Harvard, Yale, Columbia, Stanford, ev ayln…you will easily have to spend minimum $40-50k/yr for the minimum basic education coarse that’s offered. then there is lousy comm. colleges that will set you back $10-20k over 2-5 years

  2. also, flipping thru the photos. I can clearly see from how those students look that a school such as AUA is for the rich elitar types in Hayastan
    Good luck trying to send your sons there, Observer jan

    1. From what I remember – it casts as much as the State Medical University in Armenia. And more importantly – AUA has an extensive scholarship and financial aid program, which is distributed in much fairer way than in state universities.

  3. ok, I dont live there and I did not attend school there
    so, then what is the costs of state medical university?
    or just general university? like YSU

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