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  1. the video below should go well with this post
    more video by NAPASTAK of youtube
    (a Hayrenadardz from Los, real name Petros ???????yan)
    I have to hand it to Petros, he has some big balls to do what he’s doing. because if its any other local or more specifically a b’nik Yerevanci doing this, he/she would be detained, harrassed, and very likely be beaten/injured. also, the video would either be deleted by the corrupt hateful discriminatory cops and/or most likely phone be confiscated (a professional word for STOLEN) and destroyed. because most of these brainless losers dont know how to operate any smartphone, but apparently they have all the technology, means, and power to squeeze a lousy pocket change 3-5$ out of every driver in Yerevan.
    what’s weirding me out the most is Petros has several uploade vids of the cops stopping him and trying to get a bribe. its almost as if the cops have painted a “target” on Petros’s car….
    hey ara if you see that Hayrenadardz Petros, stop him and try to get the bribe…but commander jan, what if he films us?…ay ara I said dont worry ha, just get the money ok, he cant do a shit……but commander jan, what if it gets published on youtube & internet media….ara I said already who cares ha, we are mafiya police and we getting our daily pay, thats all that matters…
    I swear, its like all the other vids I see of the evil corrupts who get caught on video, and they continue their “business as usual” because no one is STOPPING them. only way you can stop these cops is by OCCUPYING them and their power…physically
    Bloody revolution anyone??
    ok, anyway enjoy the vid….

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