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    ARyan-Kavkas HAYASTANCI u verj - 06.10.2011

    east TIGRANakert was uncovered last year, dont know why CNN int. just now is airing it.
    I wish I am there to help them uncover even more. I find archeology very interesting
    more and more every year we are proving that indeed we are natives to our homeland. last year AReni was publicized for the oldest SHOE ever discovered, dating back to caveman days or very proto-ARmenian days, recently earlier this year CNN publicized our Qarahunj, either way its more proof that the lands we live on is truly birthrightfully ours and that we are descendants of TIGRAN, HAYQ, ARA and all the rest of our forefathers
    anyway, apreq Hayer jan, lav anum en shat 🙂
    Observer jan, wondering if you intend to blog about the landslide in TAVUSH

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