Paros Chamber Choir

I was lucky enough recently to listen live the performance of Paros Chamber Choir. These guys are wonderful! Bellissimo!
The award-winning Paros Chamber Choir was founded in 1993 and performs a wide repertoire of music including songs by accomplished Armenian, Russian and American composers.
The Paros Chamber Choir’s international performances have included England, Armenia, Georgia, Lebanon, Italy and most recently their 2005 performance in France. Since its inception, the Paros Chamber Choir has participated in several international competitions and has truly become a lighthouse or beacon (Paros translated in Armenian) for The Armenian Nation.
Past audiences find themselves inspired and overjoyed with the sounds of the Paros Chamber Choir. Despite the fact that most of the Choir’s members are disabled and all sing from a seated position, working with Maestro Raffi Mikaelian, the group has developed into a world-class Chamber Choir.


Artur Papyan

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  1. Does this Paros choir have a connection to Paros “lighthouse” foundation womens shelter??

    1. No – as far as I know.

  2. if the choir is made up of Hays, why they singing in another language? why not in Hayeren?????? it makes me angry that a group of ours is singing in otareren. what? our Hayeren is not good enough now??? 🙁
    also, some info on root of word PAROS
    are you aware its Greek and not Hayqakan
    che vor we’ve borrowed many words from conquering neighboring empires (Greeks, persians, Romans)
    anyway, Greeks pronounce the PH as a “Fuh”
    where as we Hays and other nations pronounce the PH as a “Puh”
    hence in Greek would be FAROS and in Hayeren PHAROS
    nereceq, but I’m a huge history/language buff
    I like to discover & research roots/origins of words, languages, history, ev ayln
    such the name ‘Andranik’ is not Hayqakan origin, did you know that?
    it is of Greek origin from ‘Andronikos’ and means ‘1st born son’ in Greek
    hence we adopted it (most likely when we were ruling the Greeks in poqr Hayq, though really I dont know, just an educated guess on my part) and we use it, but how weird the Greeks wont use that name. I mean have yet meet and/or know of a Greek with that name 🙁
    too bad we are not having closer and more relationship with the Greeks. I suppose thats what 1000 years of turkish invasion will do to you. shat apsos, as we have more in common with our Greek brothers than any other neighboring nations. what I mean is that a part of our lineage is descendant of Greek from Phrygians (with an F) and Thiracians… in fact, thats where Hayq’s son…ARmenak…his tribe originated from, in western Anatolia
    LONG LIVE ARmenak tribe
    LONG LIVE ARmenian & Greek brotherhood
    LONG LIVE Hayastan and our sweet precious Hayutyan
    ….u verj !

    1. Paros is a choir made up of disabled people. They are unique in that sense. The name – Paros – means hope, I guess.

      1. OK, but why they sing in another language?
        Indeed, why Charles Aznavour sings in French and English? Or why Dorians, Serj Tankian, Tadevik Hovhannisyan or others sing in English?
        Why in our Opera, in the center of our Motherland, in our beautiful Yerevan they sing operas in Italian?!?

        1. maybe because music has no borders and nationalities?

      2. I was standing near the stage when they were performing this and many other beautiful songs, mostly Komitas. They sing all the beautiful songs on the world – most of them in Armenian, but also ain other languages and I see no problems with that.

        1. @Observer
          lav, urax enq….paka !

        2. right, I can hardly imagine anyone who gets angry or who has a problem with that

  3. Dear Observer,
    Recently you asked this person not to call my brothers and sisters in Diaspora gor-gors.
    Usually (almost always) I do not comment on this guy’s posts, not only because I have no time and those comments have nothing in common with the original post, but also because I think you are in control and you can judge yourself.
    But since now is Sunday and since someone has to do this dirtily work, I will ask you to read the following.
    We talk about rules and laws of our country, that are only on paper and are constantly violated. We blame the society for being inactive, for not demanding the rule of law. What about the Code of Ethics that you posted on your blog?
    I can say the same about Code of Ethics of this blog. This Code of Ethics is constantly violated and no one tries to stop it.
    My brothers and sisters in Diaspora deserve the best of our respect, love and our highest consideration. While all they hear in this blog is blaming, offending and oppression. Every single day. Every, single, day. No matter what the post is about.
    May I ask you to do any of the following:
    Please, either ban comments and users who violate the Code of Ethics of this blog or remove the Code of Ethics from this blog.
    Thank you very much.

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