5 thoughts on “small country BIG BUSINESS

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    ARyan-Kavkas HAYaser - 15.12.2011

    thumbs down to him and I hope the SEA CREATURES harm you, eat your ass….for obvious reasons
    GET OUT OF MY HAYASTAN YOU ***-*** !!!!!!

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    Pat - 16.12.2011

    Ever wonder if any of the people in Armenia in the government was at the Ted Yerevan ? No they are doing business which means screwing the country and its people .
    Today IF GOOGLE was created in Armenia , it would not be GOOGLE

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      Armenia - 16.12.2011

      Pat, you obviously have no idea what TED is, they normally never invite people from the Government to attend TED events.
      As for Google prediction, I guess you also have no idea which well-known tech companies are based in Armenia and offer solutions for their partners worldwide.
      Or branches of those world-known companies. One is linked to my nickname, click it.
      Good luck in providing relevant comments.

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    Richard - 17.12.2011

    Onic Palandjian gets it. The way forward is to ignore government and the nay-sayers and build export-oriented businesses.

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    ARyan-Kavkas HAYaser - 17.12.2011

    small country
    big business indeed….

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