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  1. thumbs down to him and I hope the SEA CREATURES harm you, eat your ass….for obvious reasons
    GET OUT OF MY HAYASTAN YOU ***-*** !!!!!!

  2. Ever wonder if any of the people in Armenia in the government was at the Ted Yerevan ? No they are doing business which means screwing the country and its people .
    Today IF GOOGLE was created in Armenia , it would not be GOOGLE

    1. Pat, you obviously have no idea what TED is, they normally never invite people from the Government to attend TED events.
      As for Google prediction, I guess you also have no idea which well-known tech companies are based in Armenia and offer solutions for their partners worldwide.
      Or branches of those world-known companies. One is linked to my nickname, click it.
      Good luck in providing relevant comments.

  3. Onic Palandjian gets it. The way forward is to ignore government and the nay-sayers and build export-oriented businesses.

  4. small country
    big business indeed….

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