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  1. What is the deal ? The goverment of armenia has started trageting diaspora business men ?

    1. He dared to question the tax police and use the due process written in the law. But he was too naive to expect the tax court to abide by the law. Generally, his behavior was unacceptable. He should have respected the cultural norms and bribed the officials.

  2. Is this guy ignorant and he doesn’t know that Armenia is in the Council of Europe and he can apply to European court?
    Or he is suspects European court will ask him pay everything he has hidden from the state?

  3. In addition, why doesn’t he mention any names? Is he being politically correct after he accused the state for being corrupt?
    They accept they owe money to the state, they just argue the amount, and the fact is – they haven’t yet paid even the amount they think they owe to the state budget. Now, this is a real shame.

    1. You do not seem to have a good grasp on how the legal system would normally work.

      1. Therefore I’d appreciate an enlightening from someone who has that good grasp. You were saying…..?

      2. When you have a dispute with the amount of taxes owed, the tax authority will audit you and if the issue is not resolved between the two parties, the tax authority will take you to court.
        Since the amount is disputed, the defendant will not pay what the tax authority demands (otherwise, what’s the point of disagreeing). While the case is in court, the defendant is should not be arrested because there is no court decision yet.
        Very simple and logical process, I hope it enlightens.

        1. I don’t know if this is because you haven’t been to Armenia for more than a decade and forgot Armenian or this is because you simply dont know the history behind this case, or because you did not watch the video and did not read the publications about this case and maybe started reading from my comment.
          I was hopping I could find a relevant comment here.
          No. 1. The court made a decision and found him guilty. That is why he is arrested. No one is getting arrested in Armenia for 60 days without a court decision.
          No. 2. He did not pay ANY taxes in due time. Long before the amount was argued by tax service. It’s not about amount, its about the fact that he has hidden taxes he owes to public. Before tax service audited them. That is what I find shameful.
          No. 3. Please at least watch the video. He accuses the state in attempt to confiscate his property. That is why I advise him to apply to European court.
          I hope I made myself clear, although I don’t seem to have a good grasp of legal system working in Armenia, I’d appreciate relevant comments.

        2. We must be watching different videos – there is nothing what you describe said in the video.
          As far as the European Court goes, I think it is more prudent for him to go back to his country. Armenia is not kind of a place where decent people can function normally.

          1. So you mean everyone here, including the person whose blog you has just commented are not decent people?

          2. Key word is “normally”. When at every step you are confronted by the fact that the country is run by a bunch of thick headed dods and the human has no value in the system, you cannot function normally. You can live, even prosper, but it will not be like living in a normal society.
            I am sure you have seen a previous blog post here about the author pondering on what to do.

  4. So my advice to this …. in fact businessman would be to apply to a court that he thinks is independent, and pay the money he himself thinks he owes to the state., as obviously they claim they owe money. This would at least help the state pay salaries and pensions.
    And finally, if he blames someone I would prefer to know the names. Otherwise this very epic “norem helel berdic”, “uzumen xlen”, “mer vastakacy tanen” sounds like someone was asking him to pay a bribe in cash, but not transfer money to state budget.

  5. Where is Andranik, he should come and attack the gor-gors, I’m sure they can be accused of something in this case! Oh and let’s not forget the Arabs!

    1. @moses
      already I did. however, your precious Observer wont approve the comment, but that’s ok…I know he will (hopefully) at very least approve this comment that way you know I already dropped my comment “attacking” (as you call it) you gor-gors
      btw: gor-gor is arab and arab is gor-gor
      I guess you dont take the time to actually READ my “comments” (aka: attacks), but I’ll do a special one here for you….
      ok slow poke, you ready…
      you GOR-GORs
      us ARmenians….jaaaaan

      1. Go get some help cause you truly need it! And btw Cilician Armenians (Western Armenians) are distributed everywhere from Singapore, India to the US and Canada. Some of them are in the Middle East and others in Europe. They were the ones who suffered from the genocide the most and yet they keep their identity wherever they go. Oh and Arabs are one of the most welcoming and brilliant people in the world with a beautiful culture from their music, literature to their food that everyone tries to copy. If it weren’t for Syrians and Lebanese people who welcomed hundreds of thousands of genocide refugees, there wouldn’t be many Armenians left in the world today.
        And one last thing, the majority of Cilician Armenians do not look anything like Arabs or Middle Easterners, because they mingled a lot with Crusaders from Europe, that’s why you see a lot of them with light eyes, fair skin and light colored hair… the same goes for Lebanese and Syrian Christians and some of the Muslims.
        I don’t know what HORRIBLE experience you’ve had with “GOR GORs”, but stop trolling! And be a man instead of sitting behind ur pc in a foreign country and preaching about Armenia! There are a lot of “GOR GORs” who worship the holy land of Armenia, once they felt their nation is at stake they left their jobs, homes and families in Lebanon and Syria and went to Armenia and Artsakh to help their brothers! They fought for their righteous cause and died for Artsakh! An Armenian will always be an Armenian no matter what! And a TRUE ARMENIAN NEVER EVER attacks his brother, EVER! We’re all Armenian in the end.

      2. no making fun of us spurqahyes 😀 we’ve done more for the country than you can imagine and almost all organizations nearly went bankrupt with helping our country and people through the major disasters of the late 1980s, early 1990s…

  6. Well, then I tell absolutely the same thing about any country in the world. Including the country you live in.
    But thankfully people like you are rare in US. I mean those who offer to leave for another country, instead of staying and improving.

    1. You are not seriously comparing the corruption and business environment between Armenia and the US, are you?
      You have linked Michael Moore from extreme left and Ron Paul from extreme right. These two are fringe. Occupy Wall Street has more credibility in airing grievances.

      1. Engers, you name yourself Independent Armenia and yet you speak against the country and spread malicious gossip… I will tell you that there are MANY decent people in the country, from bottom up … Your generalization is like people thinking Canada is all ice and we live in igloos and ave polar bears for neighbors… I find your arguments silly and unfounded.. those who are looking for things that are wrong with a country will always undoubtedly find SOMETHING…

  7. Oh yeah, almost forgot, and this is about privacy and freedoms from an icon of American tech blogging

    1. Hayaser, if the guy owed that $4,000 to the mob in New jersey instead of the mafiosos in Yerevan, they probably would have whacked him instead of beating the crap out of him. Of course, MP Samvel Alexanyan may still whack him if he doesn’t pay back his debt.

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