Grandma's Tattoos

A filmmaker makes a journey into her own family’s history to investigate the terrible truth behind her grandmother’s odd tattoos and, in the process, unveils the story of the Armenian women driven out of Ottoman Turkey during the First World War.
The film was screened prime-time on Al Jazeera from January 11 – 18th. (Thank you 517design for the link to the film in HD).


  • <cite class="fn">ARyan-Kavkas HAYaser</cite>

    wow, another film about GENOCIDE
    yep SHOCKER there
    I wonder if gor-gors will ever make a film about ARmenia
    oh wait, they wouldn’t dare…..and we know why
    if I were in control of YT, I would remove it immediately !!!!!!!

    • <cite class="fn">Destroy AZ</cite>

      Your Azeri identity shows in every one of your posts… not to mention your lack of knowledge in Armenian history. I don’t know why Observer allows Aziks to post here…

  • <cite class="fn">ARyan-Kavkas HAYaser</cite>

    hey don’t forget to read the comments on that video by the iNFAMOUS “Hayser” …..LoooooL, man I gotta love that guy, he is so great, so real, so genuine, so sincere. he knows what it means to be ARmenian, praise “The Hayaser”….long live “The Hayaser”……for he will expose the reality & facts of everyone

  • <cite class="fn">Moses</cite>

    Story of many people that I know!
    Thanks for sharing it!!!!

  • <cite class="fn">New & Views (Jan 23, 2012)</cite>

    […] You can now watch the Armenian genocide documentary we mentioned last week, “Grandma’s Tattoos,” online. It tells the story of how some women survived the horrors of 1915, and it was […]

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