Putin's Fan Club to Open in Armenia

A Putin’s Fan Club will open in Armenia on February 2nd with the initiative of a recently founded organization called CIS Youth Council.
According to Aravot Daily, the goal of the club is to promote Russian – Armenian relations as well ass the ideas of Russian presidential hopeful V.V. Putin.
The Fan Club will operate in Russian Book Houses operating in Armenia. That probably means two locations: one in Yerevan and a recently opened one in Artashat.
The initiator of this idea is Andranik Nikoghosian, the president of the above mentioned CIS Youth Council, as well as the owner of a large number of Armenian media outlets and founder of a range of organizations, among which are Gazeta.am, MaxInfo.am, NeoNews.am, InterPress.am, Evraznews.com, “De Facto” magazine, youth movement “International”, Fund “Forward Russia-Armenia”, “Eurasian Integration”, Panarmenian International Youth Centre, Civil Youth Initiative “Russians of Armenia”.
Nikoghosian, who is a young ambitious politician apparently based in Moscow, has become increasingly active as pre-election campaign activates in Armenia. Recently there were rumors, that he might be appointed as governor of Armavir region in Armenia, which he denied, but made a point of it in his own media outlets.
Andranik Nikoghosian is also rumored to be behind the controversial “Chenq lrelu” initiative.
PS: I have been taking this initiative with a lot of humor and skepticism, because there doesn’t appear to be much of anything else I can do. There certainly is nothing wrong with having a Putin’s Fan Club in Armenia, but I have a strange feeling, that this is part of a much bigger game.

Artur Papyan

Journalist, blogger, digital security and media consultant


  1. So is this guy a Putin operative funded by the Kremlin? Or is he funded by Serj Sargsyan?
    Not that I care…

    1. No idea. Looks like someone who’s trying to please both in the hopes of ripping the benefits in the future.

      1. I think the scientific term for this kind of behavior is “gavaramit”.

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