Gyumri Mayor's Surprise Move to Save Tumanian's House

Gyumri Mayor Vardan Ghukasian, Photo from the official website of Gyumri City Hall
Gyumri Mayor Vardan Ghukasian, Photo from the official website of Gyumri City Hall

Gyumry mayor Vardan Ghukasian announced on Monday, that his family is ready to contribute all the money necessary to acquire great Armenian poet Hovhannes Tumanian’s house in Tbilisi and hand it over to Armenia’s Writers’ Union to be turned into a literary, cultural center and library, reports.
Hovhannes Tumanian, THE greatest Armenian poet and writer of last century, used to live in a 120 sq/m flat in Tbilisi for several years. Consequently, the house turned out to be the property of a Georgian, who said he’s ready to sell the house. Rumor has it, that a Turkish buyer had appeared, which caused quite a stir in Armenia last month. Many Armenians felt strongly, that Armenian government or benefactors should purchase the house and not let it fall into the hands of a Turk and Turkey, Armenia’s arch-rival.
Soon it became clear, that Gagik Tsarukian, Armenia’s richest oligarch is ready to sponsor the $100,000 purchase. But, a portal which is known to spread a lot of gossip and false information, has published a curious entry, claiming, that Tsarukian has been prevented from buying the poet’s house ahead of the upcoming parliamentary elections, in which his “Bargavach Hayastan” (Prosperous Armenia) party is expected to come second after President Serzh Sargsyan’s Republican party. The authorities had worries, that Tsarukian would make the house purchase a political propaganda issue as the election approaches, claims.
The same source speculates, that Gyumri mayor is being punished for the recent scandal related to to opening of his luxary hotel Alexandrapol.
PS: As an inhabitant of Gyumri, I have to note, that Gyumri mayor frequently does beneficiary work: he covers tuition fees for many Gyumri students, distributes food and assistance to the poor in Gyumri and more. However, his interest in Tumanian’s house in Tbilisi is surprising, considering the fact, that Tumanian is from Lori region and Gyumri has its own famous poets. So in this light, the rumor by looks like a reasonable explanation too.

Artur Papyan

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    1. My question to you is, how much did he pay you to write this?

      1. @Karo – who was the question addressed to? If it was addressed to me, I hope you can explain what exactly led you to believe, that I have any type of an interest (financial or otherwise) for sharing my opinion as I’ve done. If there’s a fault with my writing, I’ll be happy to accept my mistakes and correct them. Otherwise, I would consider your question an insult.
        Back to the blog-post in question: Tumanian’s house in Tbilisi was in peril. It was supposed to be sold. The Gyumri mayor, for whatever motives and reasons (I find it hard to believe, that he’d do it because of being kind in heart), is helping with the issue financially. That’s a major news event.
        I’ve presented the facts and even gossips around the issue to the best of my knowledge and expressed my sincere opinion. If there are facts that I haven’t presented or objectively laid out, I’d be happy to know about them and to update/modify the blog-post accordingly.
        At any rate, thank you for your comment, because it seems like your first one. Please consider the following simple rules for commenting on this blog:
        Also, feel free to take a look at my ethics code and point me to any breaches of the code that you may find.

  1. horrible post, horrible video, horrible blogger !!!!!
    THUMBS DOWN, -1 STAR !!!!!

  2. Have I mentioned that I really hate the added “ig” at the end of names of politicians, as shown in the asekose article? It’s extremely degrading. And, THANK YOU for actually speaking kindly about the man! Jeez, I may not know him, but I would definitely like to meet him. Out of all the political leaders in Armenia, he’s making a lot of noise and doing things that are essentially really good for his country.

    1. Well, if the gossip spread by Asekose is true, Gyumri mayor isn’t doing this because of his kindness, but because he’s been told to do so.

    2. …and by the way – compliments on your blog. You got tons of interesting stuff there!

      1. thanks! 😀 I very much enjoy always putting up something different 😀
        and I don’t know the man to call him up and ask why he actually did it. He might have been nudged in that direction but I doubt there was nothing good in his motives.. call me an optimist but I believe that at least some good exists in everyone.

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    1. @TN
      like how YOU ALL HATE & DISCRIMINATE on us Hayasers for doing this

      1. I’m glad you handed the money to someone in actual need of it. Since when do i hate on people like you, I don’t know. I don’t hate on anyone 😛 as for being Hayaser, I think the whole of the Toronto community and anyone anywhere who knows me, can attest to my being nothing but entirely hayaser

      2. my dear, I really pity you.. I will answer you here as I refuse to allow the publication of that thoroughly idiotic post. You’re also the one who wrote those vile things on the ARS youtube video I not realize, the Turk in Armenian disguise. You’re fooling no one love. I have no idea what traumatic childhood you have experienced, but I can tell for sure that it’s scarred you badly. I will tell you this however. Without Armenians in the diaspora, the so called “gor-gors”, the Armenian country would not exist today. The Artsakh war would have been lost (we lost over 6000 lipananahyes to that), the language would have eroded to nothing but a compilation of foreign languages (much worse than the degradation seen today), and the country would have had 0 money and 0 foreign aid. Armenian would be Russia today and the people would have lost all sense of identity. Hayasiroutyoun doesn’t exist in Armenia. Only a small percentage, largely those who fought to liberate Artsakh, feel anything. Please refrain from you comments degrading those who give heart and soul to their people. If that existed from within, Armenia would have been the paradise it deserves to be 20 years ago.

        1. @TN
          since Observer is an anti-Hayaser and a big gor-goraser, he won’t publish my reply to your ridiculous propagandic lies and deceptions. so, I’ll have to post it on your gor-gor anti-ARmenite blog where I know you’ll be forced to read it

      3. You know NOTHING about being Hayaser. This video is the biggest most immature nonsense I have ever seen. You want to buy the worldwide Armenian community with $40 to convince everyone you are “Hayaser”? Trust me, you could give away a million dollars and still not be able to clean your dirty mind about what it is to be a real Armenian. Attaching a “Kavkas” and “Aryan” and “Hayaser” stamp on your nick means NOTHING about what you are and what your intentions are.
        If you had one ounce of “Hayaser” in you, you would first of all know that at least 50% of Hayastancis are of “gor gor” descent. By insulting western Armenians with every one of your lousy posts you actually are insulting a good portion of Hayastancis: the ones that live in Armenia today, unlike you. Your hate-filled so-called “Hayastanci” Hayrenasirutiun is worthless. No Hye in his right mind would condone unity with Turkey and Azerbaijan “in order to get back at those gor-gors” as you so eagerly exclaim at every opportunity. And your behavior results in you being an agent of the Azeri/Turk, and whether you are doing it on purpose or not is irrelevant, you are what you are.
        You are actually an enemy of Armenia rather than someone who helps. And your $40 actually reinforces this idea, if you were truly genuine about helping Armenia, you would do so in a meaningful way and regularly and anonymously. Investing $40 to make a youtube video to spread propaganda about your damaged reputation means nothing.
        @Observer: If you don’t publish this post then you would have told me for the last time that I am wasting my time here. I do not appreciate making posts and have you delete them, especially since I am not using profanity. “Kavkas” insults a whole group of people, and you publish his posts. When I tell him the truth about what he is, you don’t publish my post? This will be the last time if you get my post deleted and I will not contribute again if my post is not published here.

      4. now when the poor woman spends the 40$ next week, what does she do afterwards?
        anyway, I am glad you handed over the 40$…it was cheap to tag your name on it though, it is very abusive towards the needy woman.
        efforts should be directed towards creating opportunities for Armenians to prosper, jobs, social security etc…teach me how to fsh, and dont give me one fish

        1. @H
          typical anti-ARmenite/anti-Hayaser gor-gor response to any ARmenian who does good for his/her nation
          thank you for proving your HATE & DISCRIMINATION to the ARmenian people, you just make my job a lot easier to prove myself correct about the FACTS of you gor-gors, not accusations

        2. Hallelujah for the thinking man!

      5. God help Andranik aka anti-hyes! How lame are you dude? You surprise us everyday! Why do you have to photograph charity? WHY? SHAME! I suppose you took the money back once the camera was off!

  4. Did they ever find out who was trying to whack him a few years ago? Did he whack them instead?

    1. That’s a story full of so much gossip, legend and fable, that I don’t even want to retell it here.

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