Village Mayor Accused of Raping 14 Year-Old Student

Students at a school in Hartashen village of Syunik region claim, that the village mayor has raped a 14-year old student of the the school.
Mayor Azat Ghukasyan is also a teacher of physical education at the local school.
Students claim that Ghukasyan instructed 14 year-old Karine (the girl’s name has been changed) to follow him to the gym. One of the fellow students followed them and saw how the mayor/teacher taking advantage of the fact, that Karine has mental disorder and is raping her, reports.
Students called for help, but other teachers were too afraid to open the door. Instead, they instructed the other students to go back to class. The students refused. They went outside and began to chant “Justice”.
They called the police who interrogated Karine the other student, who had witnessed the raping. A criminal investigation had been launched. The village mayor has fled.
PS: There is a bright spot in this ugly story. I mean the fellow students of Karine, who did not obey the teachers and called for justice.

Artur Papyan

Journalist, blogger, digital security and media consultant


  1. Ugh! may the beast rot in hell… I’m glad the students stood up for their classmate… too often it happens that children are more afraid to speak up than adults. There is a future yet for the new generations

  2. Prediction: If the village chief is a member of the HHK ruling party, then he probably will be let go and the witness charged.

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