Traditional Armenian Costumes

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BSW-AM blog has posted these wonderful photographs of traditional Armenian costumes. The blog also informs, that photos are collected by Ilya Vartanyan, who is soon going to publish a book with these photos as well as many others, depicting Armenian traditional dresses. A very welcome publication, I daresay. Will be waiting for it impatiently.

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    vsrangarajan - 23.04.2012

    Wonderful one. By the by, where in Yerevan can I buy the authentic Armenian dress for my children?

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      Observer - 23.04.2012

      You should probably try tourist shops – along Abovyan – Tumanian streets. Also, visiting the Vernisaj on a Sunday morning could be a good idea.

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    Arlen - 01.05.2012

    Very nice to see these… we should also point out how the Turks and Azeris copy Armenian traditions and try to present it as “Anatolian” and “Caucasian” – as if they were ever part of these cultures. Armenia must find a way to protect its history.

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