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  1. If only we had a quarter of this military might in 1991…
    I wish Armenia was a more militarized nation, something like Switzerland. A small country with one hostile neighbor and another one in war with you means that you need to have a well equipped, highly trained and ruthless military force.

    1. Why do you say Switzerland? That is probably the most peaceful country in existence. However you are right that Armenia should be more militaristic because that is the only language these terrorists around us understand. Armenia should become the Israel of the Caucasus, but too bad Armenians do not have the same level of influence in Russia as the Jews do in the United States. I hope this will change one day to Armenia’s benefit.

    2. Arlen, Switzerland is peaceful but it is due to the fact that they are well armed and highly trained. No one will dare to start a war with them. During WW2 you had two neutral countries — Switzerland and Norway. Hitler didn’t blink before invading Norway. But he never dared to touch Switzerland.
      You have to be nice but carry a big stick, too.

  2. Indeed, I have argued before that Armenia should be like Switzerland, at least when it comes to the militarization of its populace. That’s the safeguard of its independence. I wrote somewhat extensively on that topic and the viewers should be able to locate it. (The economic freedoms and the rule of law should also be well established.)
    Further, judging by the silence and amateurish attacks by the Caucasian Turks it was a brilliant display of force. 🙂 Armenians should be proud!

    1. The only problem with a strong army is that the chance of the army attacking the civilian population, like it did in 2003 or 2008, increases. When they are highly trained, they will be a deadly force.
      But if we follow the logic of the American conservatives, an armed population limits the chances of military backed tyranny, so the Swiss model where every male is a reserve soldier and keeps his gun at home, might limit the possibility of another March 1, but may increase the chance of a civil war if Armenians are not mature enough.

      1. I guess now Armenians are apathetic and skeptical enough not to let politicians drag them into any kind of “adventures”, let alone a civil war. I’m all for the idea of letting any citizen have their weapon and even requiring that every household possesses a firearm.

        1. There will be objections that Armenians are too hot blooded to be entrusted with military firearms. I have lived in Cyprus where people are reservists and keep their military firearms at home. It is difficult to imagine more hot blooded people than people living in the Mediterranean but the use of army issued arms in domestic disputes is very low. Most domestic disputes resulting in firearm murders happen with hunting rifles (about 99% of all Cypriot males own a hunting rifle) or the mafia killings are done with home-made bombs or AK rifles sourced from the conflicts in the region.

  3. Karabakh-Artsakh is good proof that the Turks and Azeris cannot break our souls and will for freedom ever again. If Azeris start another war, I feel that this time around we will finish the job once and for all and remove this imitation Turk, Azeri terrorist threat once and for all.

    1. why on earth every comment gets double unliked?
      actually we desperately need the dictator aliyev manage an attack against Armenia-Artsakh, this way we will settle the conflict once and for all. It will be a matter of couple of days until they beg a cease fire and we liberate the rest of the occupied territories. but of course, we don’t want war, only if the mongols start, we will finish it.
      whoever is celibate, you know your duties well.

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