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Armenian opposition group under fire: 7 arson attacks, 1 assault in 24 hours

A small but vocal anti-government movement called PreParliament announced today that 7 cars belonging to its supporters have been set on fire yesterday and today.
Hours after the members of PreParliament gathered at the police headquarters demanding proper investigations of the attacks and blamed the authorities for setting their cars on fire, one of them, Gevorg Safarian, a well known civic activist and a member of the PreParliament was assaulted in Yerevan. The activist was taken to the hospital and was diagnosed with concussion.

Armenia — Civic Activist, PreParliament member Gevorg Safarian talks to RFE/RL shortly after the attack, Yerevan, 27Nov2014

The vehicles were seriously damaged by what appeared to be petrol bombs placed on their wheels.
“This shows the true face of the Serge Sargsyan’s regime and the length it is willing to go to stop the movement,” Policy Forum Armenia, a think tank supportive of the PreParliament, noted on its official Facebook page. “We are confident that our friends will not give in to these dirty intimidation tactics and will continue their fight against SS and his cronies.”
PS: The scale and boldness of the attacks leaves little doubts as to who is behind it. This is appalling!

By Artur Papyan

Journalist, blogger, digital security and media consultant