The Top Ten Sights to See in Yerevan

Streets of Yerevan

You are a first-time visitor to Yerevan confronted by a question of what are the best attractions in the capital city of Armenia. From the modern Yerevan Cascade stairway, to the historic Erebuni Fortress, here are Yerevan’s top ten must-see attractions on any Yerevan sightseeing trip.

1. Yerevan Cascade Stairway

Biblical Mount Ararat View of the Biblical Mount Ararat and Yerevan Cityscape.

Yerevan Cascade is a giant glorious stairway, that links center of the town with the upper neighborhoods of the city. When one goes up the stairs, a spectacular view of the Biblical Mount Ararat and a candy sweet view of the city opens up.

Tip: Look for the artworks while going up the stairway to explore the cascade of Yerevan beyond the stairway.

2. Surb Zoravor Church

Surb Zoravor Church Surb Zoravor Church

One can find a number of Armenian churches in Yerevan. However, I recommend visiting Surb Zoravor Church which is one…

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