Scene of Yerevan Hostage Standoff: Google Map

I’ve made this little map here to give an idea of what is the situation like in Yerevan’s Erebuni district for 5 days now.
The borders in Sari Tagh are drawn from my conversations with journalists’ who have visited the area. The whole crisis situation has created mobility issues for a sizable chunk of Yerevan’s Erebuni administrative district, which has a population of 126,100. The population in the cardoned area have to give explanations and occasionally show documents proving that they live in the area to be allowed to pass. Transportation has to go through alternative routs, there are reports that telephone communication and gas have been shut off in Sari Tagh area of Erebuni, which was one of the reasons for the July 19 clash with the police.
Via RFE/RL: The hostage situation provoked late on Wednesday violent clashes between riot police and over 200 Founding Parliament sympathizers that rallied near the seized police station. The protesters threw stones and tried to break through a police cordon before being dispersed at dawn. According to the Armenian Health Ministry, 45 police officers and protesters were injured in the clashes.
A police statement released on Thursday said a total of 136 protesters were detained overnight. It said many of them were set free later but gave no numbers.
Earlier in the day, Armenia’s Investigative Committee said that 16 individuals could be prosecuted on charges of participating in the “mass disturbances.”

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